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You know what's really funny MrX...Bud heavy is a "blue collar" beer...

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And I have family that rehabilitation has worked...don't be so closed minded...let me guess...republican?

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Seriously, what happened to rehabilitation? I think this kid deserves punishment for sure, our police offices ARE keeping us safe, as best they can! Majority of the public, especially these wonderful people throwing their wonderful comments here, have zero idea how much our police officers are doing! You don't read EVERYTHING that happens in this town in the gazzette or listen to it on the news!!! This kid or kids need to be punished for what they did, and instead of "throwing the key away", why don't we rehabilitate them to actually be a normal part of society!? Law biding...I feel for the family of the police officer, thank you Ofc Tim Davis for going above and beyond your duties...I appreciate it and hope that you are back out patrolling soon, because the streets will be safer with you out there! Oh...and this is all from the little uninformed Marionite that is now a proud Cedar Rapidian!

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According to the experts...you are dead at .300 BAL, and that dude was driving, nice!