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If the idea is to reach people this is not effective, especially since it's KJV wording, which your average person tends to block out. What's a graven image? What does covet mean? What is the sabbath day? People won't take the time to ask those questions, and if they did, who would they ask? The CVS employees? The money spent could have built a few wells or fed the hungry or clothed the naked or given hope to the lost. This doesn't do any of those things.

If the idea was to create some attractive landscaping, I'd still have to say no.

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"The problems of the world can’t be solved by doing the same thing that got us here." So true. We are creatures of habit, aren't we? But when habit becomes "religious" we get ourselves in trouble.

Thanks for sharing these. Hadn't heard of the AND Conference.

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I think I was in the meeting in that promo video. Twice. Yesterday. I need this book.

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Hmmm... Sounds like some people I know. I mean, the TV calling out "look at me" part.

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I like what you are doing/have done. I think some parents take it to the extreme and don't allow their kids access to anything, making the temptation for them to do it behind their backs even greater. It really is a different time, and parents and those who help teach young people have to embrace the technology and teach kids how to use it responsibly.

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That sounds yummy. Think I'll bookmark this for a later date.

I like White Chicken Chili when it's cold out. Or regular chili (without the kidney beans).

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I've always loved the name of your blog :)

I was leading a training session at work and I was going on and on about something and everyone was looking at me kind of strange. So I asked what was wrong. They were lost. I said, "Didn't I just say {blah blah blah}?" They said no. I said, "Well, I said it out loud in my head." I had forgotten about it until several months later when I was going to start a blog but didn't know what to call it and someone reminded I had said that. Besides.... there's a lot of noise in my head that I need to get out once in a while :)

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It's so easy to get overwhelmed with all of the options... so much so that at times I end up not giving at all except to my local church. Good advice here though. Definitely going to be taking some of the advice.

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Thanks for these tips! I'll definintely be checking out Charity Navigator and Guidestar.

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I was at work. Sitting at my desk. The office got quiet. I got up to see what was up and no one was around. I walk to the other side of the building and many were huddled in a conference room watching the coverage. I got there just in time to see the second plane hit.