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sping hill is awesome!!!! love love love it!

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What a punk ass little b it ch. He IS a POS but I dont know about dangerous, he punched a senior citizen in the face twice and she still fought him off AND he had a knife. I think this was some sort of initiation for him since there isnt a motive.

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"when it comes to the subject of abortion....if you're a male, shut yer pie hole, it's her body."

you are so off on this. with that logic, why would any man EVER be responsible for his child/child support? if it is her body let her pay for what comes out right?....
i had a girlfriend quite a few years back that ended up having an abortion without telling me. if your one of these scorn women who has been burned by loser boyfriends, then i appologize, but for you to say that a man shouldn't have a say in the life or death of his unborn child is wrong.

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what a shmuck

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I dont usually agree with your comments, but on this one, us monkeys have to stick together! I wont make the generalization that cops (as a whole) are scum bags, but you are spot on by saying they are out of shape. Taxpayers pay their salaries so that they can "protect" us, and half of them cant see their shoes much less run in them.

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I'm right there with ya cowboy! I like his policy goals, especialy the one on welfare recipients!

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"this is one of the stronger La Ninas -- at this time of year -- since the mid 1950s. Note that does not mean this is the strongest La Nina since then, just at this point"....

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book em Dano!
what about all the people who got "paid out"? they should be arrested and black listed for any type of govt assistance programs FOREVER! there should be some type guidelines for people recieving govt assistance where their benefits get taken away for breaking the law in any way.

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I dont think anybody deserves to have anything stolen from them no matter what. we pay for insurance month after month no matter what so why shouldnt they pay when your car gets stolen. insurance is a crock anyway but for somebody to get a ticket on top of getting their car stolen is cruel.

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"She noted there was a gap in perceptions - 85 percent of the men said their latest sexual partner had an orgasm, while only 64 percent of the women reported having an orgasm in their most recent sexual event."

There COULD be a "gap in perception".... OR only 64% of women are giving it up to 85% of men!
No wonder they feel genital pain!