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As stupid as the idea of burning the Korans was, there was a certain irony in the Islamic response. We're told over and over that we shouldn't judge Islam by the acts of a "few" extremists. But did the Islamic world reciprocate in kind? Did they think Pastor Jones and his flock were just some Christian nut cases? Nope. ALL Americans were to blame. And let's not forget the Indonesian president's response that the burning would threaten world peace.

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So what happens if they get paid but don't learn Swedish? Do they have to refund the money?

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"the burger chain should have had the other ingredients checked as well, from its mustard to buns to fries."

Well, of course. But are the paper wrappers for the burgers, the cups for the drinks, the plastic forks and spoons, the napkins, the catsup, mayonnaise, etc. also halal? Such disregard for the dietary necessities of muslims must be considered at all times!!!

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Oh dear, we've hurt the feelings and sensitivities of the Muslims once more!

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I think commenters are missing the forest for the trees. If employers think wearing of religious garb might discourage potential customers, might be indicative of someone who has not accepted the cultural norms, or who might disrupt things by demanding special treatment because of his/her religion, then they will, in general, not be that anxious to hire that person. Businesses want things to go smoothly--afterall, they're in the business of making a living for their families -- not making sure the ideals of multiculturalism are met.

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Kadhafi's words were simply "a remark made during a private meeting."

So, of course, he didn't REALLY mean them. He's actually a very tolerant man when it comes to religion, I'm sure.

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Gee, someone doesn't think multiculturalism works. Obviously he's an insane bigot and racist. Let's all label him that and then we won't have to worry about any incovenient truths he may expouse.

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His harshest statements seem to be: "There is no other religion with such a flowing transition to violence, dictatorship, and terrorism," he claimed, before making the equally provocative assertion that Muslim immigrants were "associated with taking advantage of social welfare state and criminality."

Now the question is whether that is true or not -- and shouldn't be his right to say it.

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"Kohlman says that while he understands the issue of freedom of speech, ‘every time the drawings are reprinted, there are riots and demonstrations and there will be bloodshed’"

Good thinking! Let's give up our rights because we might upset a bunch of overly-emotional muslims. It's idiots like this guy that we need many fewer of.

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Wow, all this debate and all the killings, torture, etc. promulgated by Abrahamic religions throughout the centuries because of belief in a second-rate god, Yahweh, who was one of the 70 sons of the Canaanite god El and his wife Asherah is astonishing. That's not just my opinion. It's the consensus of biblical scholars and archaeologists. (let me guess-I'll get a lot a negative ratings for that one. The truth hurts, I guess. LOL).