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Ronald Reagan’s Missile Defense Initiative -- it didn’t even work -- is what brought the Soviet Union down. Now Vladimir Putin is trying to resurrect the Soviet Union with an invincible nuclear missile that also won’t work. The fiction of invincible weapons and invincible defenses goes on, but it might be enough now to scare the UK to forget about Brexit.

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We should heed Senator Corker's warning of a looming World War III. Indeed, his thoughts are the thoughts of other republicans, so why are they not speaking up? The time for them to do so is now, when we can correct our nation’s course. Our present position is indeed grave, with domestic and foreign crisis on every front. We can no longer afford to be consumed with politics and must find a way to transcend our differences. In this we must fail not, as there is no do-over for anyone.

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Business considerations aside, publishing "Watchman" was a mistake. The manuscript should have been left where it was.

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All for one and one for all is what holds families together and is what will hold the European Union together.
Not complicated.

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"[Netanyahu] hasn't led one sincere incentive to foment change in the region or to craft a better future." -- Meir Dagan

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“Some of us need to come out of retirement — who have done this before — to help deal with the crisis. If I sit here, I just felt that there are going to be continuing problems. I felt I had some of the skills necessary to fix the problems of AIG in particular and it made sense to come back.” -- Bob Benmosche

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Bedrock principle of freedom of speech: "There is nothing so holy you can't offend it." -- Lars Vilks

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We should not set our clock back centuries to accommodate the Muslim mindset or lack of understanding of basic concepts of individual freedom. It is they who should bring their ideas up to speed and in pace with the modern world. The Muslim leaders should, therefore, continue to educate their citizens on the ways of other countries; that people elsewhere are free from their government to worship the God they want, and free to offend the God that others worship; that this is how it must be if religious freedom is to have meaning -- protection is not needed when others agree with you.
Moreover, Muslim leaders should explain that forcing others to honor Prophet Mohamed can be deemed as forcing them to some extent to adopt the Muslim religion itself. As others cannot impose foreign religious etiquette on Muslims, neither should they impose their reverence of Prophet Mohamed. It is imperative that Muslims learn the workings of individual freedoms so that they can harmoniously play their rightful role in the 21st Century.

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“Heavy artillery shelling into a populated area would be inherently indiscriminate. You just can’t aim that weapon precisely enough in that environment because it’s so destructive.” -- Bill Van Esveld, Human Rights Watch lawyer investigating war crimes.

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"There may continue to be debate on the strategies of hiding tunnels and missiles among civilian structures, but there should be no debate that knowingly attacking hospitals and health facilities is not the answer. Attacks on such buildings are violations of humanitarian and human rights law and should be universally condemned.
Destroying them not only leaves no safe space for civilians in the short term, but can also disrupt access to health care for years to come, as structures are rebuilt and health care workers are recruited. This particularly affects the most vulnerable groups, including children.
Using civilian health facilities as bases for attacks is wrong; but attacking those structures knowingly is not the solution, and only worsens the problem." -- Dr. Rohini J. Haar, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital, Department of Emergency Medicine