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Nice to see that EPIC are giving people a second opportunity to own Flashback. It was a great way to get people to buy it new, and now the hype has died down, they're offering it to all.

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So you're saying that most sleeper hits are hardcore games?

And also, by your definition, GTA: CW Would be a hardcore game, as I proved the audience is slim, with sales even slimmer.

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Agreed. Downloading an Abandonware game is one thing, but this is just taking a dump on the people that really deserve the cash.

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All I can say is that Mothers won't see this as a games console like gamers do; with this bundle, it will be seen as a handheld device. The Cooking Guide pretty much sorts you out to make the dishes, with a shopping list, changing amounts based on people attending, searchable by time, country and skill level etc. It's a good start.

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The Wii Wanking article requires signing up to NY times. You should get commission for the signups. ;D

And for Too Human: I played it and loved it.

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Sounds like them bringing FFVII to the Wii won't happen, after all. : P ANOTHER reason to get a PSP.

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Cory, I hate you. You've given me a reason to buy a Goddamned PSP again.

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Yes, this gives you quite a bit of whallop for the discussion point. And perhaps we should sidestep the other two to make room for this.

I for one would love to see a female Gear. The problem with it atm is that the designers don't really know what works with women, in my opinion. With guys, just get the designers to smack on a pair of DDs, minimal clothing, and you have about three quarters of the audience. With women, they obviously look for something more: I only see a few women drooling over Chris Redfield.

The problem with appealing to a female market, it seems, is that women look for the whole package, and because of that, all the staff (writers, designers, voice actors etc) need to be on the same page, and in such a profit-driven market, only slivers of such a thing pass through the money-sieve.

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But It could've been San Andreas' Hot Coffee.

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Fyi guys, it's nearly 70p per dollar now. You guys need to be on top of your finances. ;D