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For the first few weeks after the election, I was plagued by those sort of constant hypotheticals of the consequences of losing Garland as the rightful successor to Scalia - the most openly homophobic justice in history who never missed a chance to demean us with snide and dehumanizing written opinions or even at oral arguments. But I had to let that go because to save my mental health!

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Actually, "grant, vacate, remand" orders are customary in light of recent holdings such as Masterpiece even though it really isn't dispositive. And the State AG has already issued a press release stating that he is confident that the State Supreme Court will just reinstate its prior unanimous ruling after a pro forma review.. .https://www.atg.wa.gov/news/news-releases/ag-us-supreme-court-asks-washington-supreme-court-review-arlene-s-flowers-case

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Pink News is also notorious for scraping stories verbatim from other sites - one being Queerty, which has its own *issues* so to say, but it hilarious when PN lifts one of Queertys obsessive "every straight man is secretly having man on man sex" :)

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Its a crappy dataset with no real sexual orientation measure and its really not good to construct an artificial category like non-heterosexual, especially when the criteria was so loose. Its a criminology study, who aren't exactly known for their methods, and its done by a state of texas agency. They turfed it out to the Press prior to publication, which is questionable....

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PS - Please don't let this place turn into a clone of Bilerico, where rants by "Queers" against gay marriage, legal equality, etc. were common and Ryan Conrad and his merry band of misanthropes known as "Against Equality" were celebrated and mainstream activism was denounced as treasonous "false consciousness"

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I have no love for the HRC but this post is reads like an academic article from some obscure cultural studies/Queer Theory journal from the 1990s. Sometimes the Left can be its own worst enemy and these internecine debates over cultural relativism/essentialism, american imperialism, and post-colonial theory by a small segment of academics have proven deadly in the face of international opposition to womens & LGBT rights by a coalition of the Arab League, the Vatican and Russia, fueled by reactionary religion and its opposition to modernity on the one hand and a cynical invocation of western imperialism on the other. That some on the marginal left would align themselves with this coalition for purely instrumental and political reasons (opposition to US foreign policy, anti-capitalism, anarchism, etc.) is reprehensible. It represents an extremely naive and romantic idealization of pre-modernity, including developing counties who are undergoing the same inevitable process of modernization that has already occurred in the West. Ironically, this disdain for modernity - reason over faith, science and universal liberal values - is shared by both religious reactionaries and left-wing postmodernists. They reject science and any biological or material explanation of sexual orientation and gender identity, which they wrongly denounce as biological determinism, and favor faith based explanations that privilege culture and nurture over nature (again notice the similarity with reactionary religion and the ex-gay movement). Some even go so far as to denounce the concept of universal human rights as a "western construct" that is inherently colonialist. In fact, that is the official position of the American Anthropological Association which denounced in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
It is certainly wise to work with local activists - no one is denying that. However, that is easier said than done.
So, which foreign activists are "authentic" and which ones are colonial dupes or co-conspirators? Why are you assuming that non-western cultures aren't just as complicated, diverse and contentious as the West? Who speaks for Western minorities? Radical Queer activists whom 99% of LGBT people have never heard of? Tenured elites who denounce gay marriage as "assimilationist" and gays in the military as "stooges of american imperialism?" Or GOPProud who are the polar opposites and support an extremely anti-gay party for what seems like selfish, financial reasons? Why do you assume these same ideological divisions are not universal? Isn't that a form of reverse orientalism and cultural essentialism that critical theorists rightly denounce when it comes to the West? My point is that once you abandon the universality of human rights, cultural/moral relativism is turtles all the way down.

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Regnerus has a new hit piece up at National Review attempting to discredit the latest lesbian parenting report that just came out. Check out the incredibly snide and evasive comments he made on a christian blog he made (link below)

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Good idea -


Fingers crossed!

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Had some trouble posting the link - maybe this will work. You will
probably have to copy and paste it - don't think it will convert to an
actual link...

http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q che <a href="http://:www.familystructurestudies.com/about
:www.familystructurestudies.com/about<br />
Thanks - jim

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Hey Scott - here is a link to google's cached version of the english language page and it still had the paragraph referencing Dr. Nock:

href="http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache :www.familystructurestudies.com/about&amp;hl=en&amp;prmd=imvns&strip=1"

Hope this helps...Thanks!