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Yeah sorry about the mix up. Was trying to jam so much stuff into one day. I've been to Canton before, it's amazing. I went there last year and spent 8 hours walking through the place. Next time I go I'll call you and set it to to get a tour:)

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I would except I'm already playing in two leagues

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While all that it true the Jaguars messed up by not beating the Colts. It's amazing to me that they were even in that game because they played bad.

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I don't think there is a way to do that. Until they updated it to be included in Gamecenter I had the same problem with my iPhone and iPad. There is a Facebook page for the game and you might see if there are any answers there but I'm sorry to say I think you're out of luck.

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You do need to be careful when doing this because it will ask you which one you want to use. Now as long as you didn\'t sync the device that had the level 20 on there you will be ok. What you need to do is open the level 20 device and say to use the account saved on the device. Then after doing whatever you needed to do in that go to your other device and open it and select the one not saved on your device and it should sync correctly. The downside is it asks you this every time you switch between devices which stinks.

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Who said I didn't bore people? The word on the street is there were several car wrecks this week because people were put to sleep listening to our podcast but thanks for the nice words.

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Is this team better than last years team? Yes I think so. Is it much better? I don't think so. I think you make some good points but the Jaguars should win most of the game on their schedule. I do think that the Jags are a decent team but that if they win this division it's more like what you said that the rest of the division is down. However some of that thinking is also because of the Colts dominance in years past. I think the Jaguars will end up 10-6 which is good enough to win several divisions every year. Heck in the NFC West 7-9 might be good enough. Also if they make the playoffs I don't look at them as a Super Bowl threat (but in the NFL you never know)

It is fun as fans to look ahead though and figure out what they have to do to win it. I do hope that they don't do like last season and fold at the end. I really don't think the Jags fade away this year but we will have to see.

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Thanks for that info. Someone else had told me that as well after the fact. That's something I need to start looking for before I start games but I never think about it.

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Thanks for listening. I'll try to make that app worth every penny you paid for it lol

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I had a blast recording this one. I think that this is one of our best, even though it was long.