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it the crack they put in those Girl Scout cookies that made her do it!

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I cant say I blame him, After watching the results show and seeing that Brandy was voted off and Palin stayed, I wanted to shot my TV TOO!!! Anyone following the show can clearly see Brandy was the better dancer and Palin should have been voted off weeks ago!!

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I am ashamed to live in a state full of bigots! The Constitution says EQUAL RIGHTS for ALL!! These people spewing there crap about it being a religious sacrament are the biggest Bigots of all..You dont have to get married in a Church OR by a preist! You can even get your Ordained license on the internet. They use there religious argument to try to cover up there pregidous hateful views so they dont tarnish there precious fake high and mighty reputations.. When in reality they are just as equally sinful as the next guy.. Hats off to Gronstal for believing in upholding the Constitution and the main purpose for it..

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I'm ashamed of all the Bigots that live in Iowa!

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yes she and lee had a child after skylar died.

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And right after that they can build one of those Honey I Shrunk the Kids machines that has the bowling ball rolling down a track that knocks over the broom that pushes down the button on the toaster that lights a firecracker that scares the mouse who chews through...
Yeah, how about no.

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You know, all of these annoying commercials that they keep playing about the people who were killed because someone was reading a text while driving? Those are aimed directly at you. KNOCK IT OFF SO THEY CAN STOP INTERUPTING MY SHOWS!!!

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Because normally when you look to see who's calling, your eyes are off of the road for a split second. They're worried about the people that aren't paying attention to the road because of their phone.
It's normally pretty easy to seperate the two. One will look down for a second, and the other will be looking down and driving through intersections that they needed to stop at! (but it's not like a person didn't almost hit me from doing that yesterday or anything...oh wait, it's exactly like that!)

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Actually, the redlight cameras could if they had them set up to do so. One of my sisters lives in Knoxville, TN. They have their cameras low enough to snap a pic of the driver. If they can plainly see a phone in your hand then you get a ticket for running the light, and like a $75 fine for texting. But they also have it set up so that the cops can pull you over if they see you texting at a redlight. Texting while driving is literally illegal down there.

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Not really, it specifically says that the people will only get these tickets if they are pulled over for something else. This isn't the REAL no texting law like we need, it's just something that they can hit you with if they see a cellphone in your car when they pull you over for doing 3 miles over the limit. The real problems are probably still being missed, like always.