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When pushing for harsher punishment as a deterrent to violent crime I really don't think you want to use Nevada as an example.

Crime Rates per 100,000 residents in 2006
Nevada – 742 - ranked 3rd most violent state
Washington – 346 - ranked 28th most violent state

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Went out with a bang not a whimper

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It is not the money in a man bank accounts, but how he uses it that determines if he is worthy of respect from the world.

Bill Gates, a person who has pledged to donate 95% of his wealth to charity, is someone in my opinoin is worthy of respect.

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If I understand your argument correctly; it is why should monogamous have rights that polygamous don’t.

So are you in support both heterosexual and homosexual polygamy?

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If that is the case then perhaps it says a lot about the Republican Party’s inability to produce enough candidates that can get elected within King County to produce the type of change you are wanting.

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You don't care about the topic of the article but spent the time to read it and comment on it multiple times.

Speaking of government control....

Aren't you in support of AZ law allowing the LOEs the ability to require proof of citizenship?
How do you feel about restrictions being put on marriage, by the government?
Where do you stand on abortion rights?

I guess you are comfortable with being controlled as long as those in controlled come from the Republican party.

However, like you said I must be dumber than a rock; after all I took the time to read and respond to your post

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This is fairly simple and good business decision for Air Bus for the following reasons

Dollar/Euro Exchange Rate
Considerably more flexible labor laws
Accessibility to more government contract

US Citizens are getting employed and you want to call the hiring company losers. That probably says a lot more about you than it does about Airbus

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It is called a representative democracy. It existed in long before President Obama and will be here long after he is out of office.

The resolutions for those that are dissatisfied with this decision is fairly simple and straight forward, run for city council, or vote for someone that will support reversing the decision. Whining about it on the internet or blaming the President for decision made by a local city council is about as useless as attempting to solve world hunger by chewing less gum

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From what I've read so far no one has walked off the job The union has notified the company that a strike is possible, and this has given the company adequate time to prepare to support its customers should a strike happen. What is happening is both sides of the negoation are following the legally allowed procedures for collective bargaining.

These actions are far from extortion.

ex·tort -
a. to wrest or wring (money, information, etc.) from a person by violence, intimidation, or abuse of authority; obtain by force, torture, threat, or the like.
b. to take illegally by reason of one's office.

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In my opinoin, if you have to use force to get them to understand it is wrong to mace and beat people, you have already failed as a parent. I have children and never needed to use capital punishment to teach them to treat others with respect.

Really what are you trying to teach your children, that it is acceptable to use violence to earn the respect of their victims; isn't that exactly the opposite of what you are hoping to gain?