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UW-Madison is a land grant institution created by the Morrill Act. Can Walker unilaterally change the mission? I just don't see this happening.

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Thank you. I don't buy it either.

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Did they include the "no funding of abortions" language too? Because that hasn't been done before.

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I'm with you. Here in Big Ten Country central Illinois I've got 2400 sq ft on 3 acres for $1,000 a month. I'm surrounded by corruption and my university pension fund is broke, but hey, you can't have everything.

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Wouldn't that also describe spring breakers?

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Sadly, now the creepy exhusband can find them.

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Worst. Penthouse letter. Evar.

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Someone may have already said this… but,
You know who elections are good for? The people who vote. It gives us a sense of having some small smidgen of control over things. It gives us the right to bitch later when A Idiot does something stupid or to brag later when something we like happens.
We got to go to the polls, have our say, and not get blown up on the way out.
That is good. Fuck who won. Doesn't matter most of the time.

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what happened to the law suit Boner was going to file?

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Heard a story on NPR about those same log jammed bills not being held up by Democratic leadership, but actually by Republican objections. Because the Senate is to very functional that way.