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America has the best healthcare in the world and Obama wants to shut her down. He and his "crack" team of people think they can rework the largest industry in America and not one of them has any real world experience. Nothing makes me more angry than when you have a genuine know nothing bureaucrat telling you how it is. I feel bad for the stupid people that believe the lies. Anyone with a grasp of the situation is morally obligated to let other people know what is going on, but be nice and have fun at the same time.

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I think there might be a positive side to all the dirt that has been thrown at Palin. I think the law of unintended consequences might start to take effect. Palin might become "immune" to her critics. Every time I hear her bashed in the news I give her that much more credit. I wonder if all the false charges and smear tactics might serve to make her stronger. Wouldn't that be a fitting result!!

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I watched Obamas speech twice. The second time I saw it I could see how bogus it really was. I think America is experiencing that same effect but more slowly. How much Obama can you take? I have already made up my mind but the people that havent are starting to realize he isnt all he is cracked up to be. He just doesn't make sense if you hear him give the same speech twice. I confess as a conservative that I was impressed with his ideas as vague as the were. I knew they didnt make sense but the delivery was so perfect I found myself wanting to "believe". The once perfect "delivery" that fascinated me has lost its luster. The ideas he tries to communicate dont make sense the second time around. But the only reason we have this second time around is because conservatives can see through him. I find myself feeling relived that the Obama threat may have come to pass, but I know nothing could be farther from the truth. We have work to do and I will continue to my part. Everyone I know can tell you that I think the government is a joke. The WHOLE thing, "conservatives" included. Never lose your fear, it is the strongest thing that motivates you.

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I am glad to see that Powell has come back to his senses. I think it might be to late for him. How much political maneuvering can you do before people see you a hack watching out for only yourself. Powell comes across as a strong man but he has no foundation or core beliefs. This is the kinda guy that I really hate. One might think he is a wishy washy know nothing Washington fixture worthy of a second chance. I say he is a calculating Washington scumbag with decades of experience in lies and deceit. I used to like the guy, but I never knew much about him except he was on tv for some reason. Now I see Powell is a Washington bureaucrat that stands for nothing. Who would vote for a jerk like that? Ohh yeah....nevermind.

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Palin is out for practice. She will have a ferocious set of skills when she comes back from the minors. I hope her # is 76. as is in 1776

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Why is obama coming out in favor of an ousted wannabe dictator? He only chooses to speak up when its in favor of a dictator. Thankfully, the world cares nothing about what he says. God know he has burned out the American people with all his talk and I don't think they care about what he has to say anymore. His stimulus package has been a horrible failure that will doom future generations. The scandal has gotten so big people are starting to talk. People that once argued with me now see obama is THE PRESIDENT OF DEBT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Here he goes again....more talk about relationships, effective collaboration and the international community. I have had enough of runway model Obama. What a fool!! Quick.....Strike a pose. Damn you people...where is my teleprompter...

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I think Sarah Palin has more honor than anybody in politics today. I would love to see her as president. She has more guts than all the men in Washington put together. I don't know why she is a "polarizing" figure. Maybe it is from the media smear tactics. My liberal friends hate Palin but they don't know why. Think how well she would do if she were to get in front of the issues and run her own PR campaign. My gut tells me that she has what it takes to win the the White House. I havent seen any of the dirt the media threw at her actually stick. Name just a few bad things about Palin. I cant. She is amazing. I think the left sees something that we don't. Why else would they try so hard to damage her before she gets her bearings and media savvy. As for her messing up McCains chances, I think Dick Morris proved she did nothing but help when he said, "She delivered a 15% increase in white female votes for the republican ticket in 2008 vs the Bush/Cheney ticket in 2004. What else could be responsible for this increase?" I think Dick Morris might be right.
When I comes to my own personal experience, I have to admit that my liberal friends don't care much for her, but they couldn't explain why. The only solid criticism I could find centered around her being a christian or maybe being born again or something and that came from a lesbian friend that would hate her no matter what. The rest of my lib friends didn't know why they don't like her and they could be swayed. I can only speak for myself and what I have heard, but I think she is a great candidate. Honestly I cant think of anyone better than Sarah Palin to run this country.

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As if Israel needs a green light from us to defend itself. What are we going to do, threaten them?? Obama has said he wants to see progress on his diplomatic outreach to Iran by year's end. Who knows what Joe Biden just said. We will know when Obama explains what silly old Joe meant to say.

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Why doesn't Obama respect people fighting for freedom??? Zero support for Irans protesters fighting for freedom and now this. I think the people of Honduras are paying more attention them Americans are. Three cheers for the people of Honduras protecting their Constitution and their right not to live under dictator rule.