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Looks like they actually made enough or Derpy from last year was a really hot seller. Still not sold out.

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Power Ponies! YES!

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Hoping this is better than Season 3.

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I don't get why it's so important to bronies that South Park does an episode. Is there some kind of approval/legitimizing that bronies can only get from South Park that I'm missing? Are we attention whores?

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Catering to the target audience of girls and pre-teen girls sums up the movie well. Hence, it's a girl's movie.

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I think the movie blew her mind. The movie does not carry the spirit of the show that Lauren started. The whole movie is girly stuff.

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Remembering this is a girl's movie at the end of the day, it was okay. It is essentially a direct-to-TV movie despite premiering at movie theaters, so it's about on par as to what you would expect from other cartoons doing a DTV movie. I know I am not the intended audience, but I will speak from my perspective. The story was a little too happy-go-lucky and cheesy for me. Sunset Shimmer basically conspiring against the human Mane Six and the whole ending were too simple. It wouldn't be fair of me to expect or hope for a Mean Girls-esque level of authenticity, since this is for elementary school-aged girls (although the lesson of making friends is a good one for any age), but it's not to say it's not completely not enjoyable for a few shout outs to the fans.

Quick pet peeve I want to get out of the way: I'm not a guy that yells about gender stereotypes/roles, but come on! Why is it only gotta be a princess of the fall formal?! No male counterpart? Everybody remembers high school has the prom or homecoming queen AND king!

I'm not blaming the crew for the quality of the movie. I know there was criticism by our very often overdramatic fandom about how this movie was going to ruin everything and got some of the good folks at DHX upset. But I don't blame the crew at all. They did a fine job with what they were given. My disappointment is directed at Hasbro. It's obvious Hasbro wants to compete with Bratz and Barbie so creating Equestria Girls was more of a business decision than a creative one. After all, Hasbro has influenced the story before in previous seasons just to sell toys. I am confident that the crew that brings us the cartoon series would have made a better movie if they were given the chance. And I sure hope they get that chance.

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Whose idea was it to premiere this on Father's Day of all days?

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Kind of disappointed that we probably aren't going to get a proper MLP:FiM feature film anytime soon because of this. This is how you celebrate MLP's 30th anniversary, Hasbro?

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Lol. That was so bad but so good.