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take a chill pill. if it were your son or daughter won an olympic gold you would want the same for them........

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I must say that the journalist who wrote this article must be very well educated. You see, an Akita and a German Sheperd whether they are mixed or pure will never resemble a red nose pit bull as shown in hte photo. this is just another way of blaming a breed which is yet to be understood b many.

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it have real posts here but remember that Dr. Rowley accused his own PNM of the same things he is accusingthis government of. Old tricks die hard, he knows these tricks all too well.

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the relevant athourities. no probs on an ins plan but when a dog or pup is sold or given away then ins would make the transaction difficult. but still we need to do whatever is in the best interest of our citizens and pedestrian. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THE OWNER IS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, RESPOSIBLE AND SHOULD BE DEALT WITH IN ACCORDANCE TO OUR LAWS.

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I cannot imagine what it feels like, but i hope Denise's family gets closure on this situation. R.I.P.. although i agree that the owner should be held 100% responsible i cannot understand how the dog situation has projected so much anger in our citizens but when a criminal kills one of our people he has more rights than the victim. now if you take all these comments and substitue the word dog and replace it with criminal or human, you will see the real worrysome picture. I agree this situation is an unfortunate one but dont let anger get in the way of fair judgement. their are many resonsible owners and then there are the few negligent ones who give us all a bad name. my suggestion for structuring a system for accountability would have to do with:- dog owners/breeders should be licensed or certified to house dangerous dogs prior to this their property should be inspected and approved by

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why are we still fighting about religions place in this world? God made different people with different ethnic backgrounds. we speak different languages and have different cultures. why the hiprocracy? my family is catholic but when a baby is born to parents who are non-hindus and the child has jaundice and the doctors cannot save your child you run to the hindu to "jarey" the jaundice. who takes care of "marazme", people should consider that no religion in this world except hindus offer prayers to the five elemtns that sustains the life God has given us, but you read two verse in the bible, you dont even understand the parables but you preaching the nonsense that is ignorance towards mankind. wake up people, there is alot of difference in human existence and dont forget God can take any form to correct the wrongs of the world. No offence...

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i agree with you. thank you for some hope...

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i am happy to hear the child is recovering well but some of you people are not thinking about this fairly. firstly the owner of the dogs should be held responsible and why has there been five attacks within the last few months? isnt it because the property where the dogs live is not well secured or up to standards? i have no problem with the dangerous dog act but i am an owner of of for ammerica bullies and my property is well secured, am i i one of the responsible owners who will have to face a dificult situation because of negligent owners? i dont mind if there is an inspectorate to inspect and pass or fail properties that house these animals or even if there is a licensing procedure to own the dogs but i have a problem if my oinnocent babies have to pay for careless owners.... i am officially on the otherside of the fence... not that i dont care about pedestrians but who will watch my home when i am gone? the bandit who just waiting for an opportunity? lets work this out fairly so all would be happy. dogs has become a major part of most homes in trinidad.

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it funny how everyone forget about the manning regime and all of his extra curricular activities. anyway, where she choose to live is her business nad further more, it was not pasea road and she was not just staying at a house. it is mohammed street and it is her sisters house which was more convenient at the time than from siparia to pos everyday. trinis come on nah, the real problems out there still who cares where kamla lives...

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check out trinituner