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I need to revisit Some of the commentators during 1939 and 45, to see if exactly the same was true then, notwithstanding Chamberlin of course!

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Excuse me? Your comment regarding riots, I think you might need to read that sentence again.

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Blinking, I appreciate the time Mr Goldman puts into this, and maybe as we are in the middle of a crisis that is killing people we know and affecting friends and family maybe he is not immune to having a bad day . So if one article isn’t on point in your view. Give the man a break!

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Well done but London is causing the biggest increase and is it any wonder when we look at the crisis on the underground. Might be time we lifted some parking restrictions and go against all that is holy. It would allow front line NHS staff to drive if needs be and park. Obviously a big undertaking as there should be safe passage for all emergency services. So it’s great that W. Mids have a pragmatic approach but TFL can’t manage it so some other temporary solution needs sorting!

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That just annoyed me. I was in Pharma during Swine Flu epidemic and it is no way comparable, neither have we large manufacturing companies in respect of testing based here. So I’m sorry this is a trite post but sometimes debate morphs to rant when people want to reflect on comparisons to make their tenure superior. Not now!

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Agreed, let’s hope there is some preparedness and planning taking place in Government!

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In general it seems the government do have the backing of the people, however if the PPE situation runs on any further that might put it to the test. I see The Energy companies have just dropped into the conversation nationally that they will need to warn the vulnerable about power cuts due to lack of staff. The implications of that are horrendous as it’s not the 1970’s anymore. The impact on those working from home or trying to, will be huge, how much of our record keeping is technology based! Hopefully they didn’t just drop that on a reporter but checked in with government first!

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Agreed, why hasn’t every NHS Hospital been supplied with a 3D printer with a template as a fall back for face masks and PPE, at least it could had plugged a gap to protect our valuable NHS staff.

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If you do nothing else today listen to this clip and see if you still feel the same then decide.

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M. yes agreed we need to implement sensible measures to demonstrate some social order to stop the panic, some supermarket rationing on numbers allowed to purchase and open them for a couple of hours so that the elderly can shop alone to reduce the risk.