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Delicious as always, Chef Jacqueline. The lamb was superb, as was the company!

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Dangerous ploy for musical popularity: "In a recent Marist poll, nearly half of Americans – 47% – said they find “whatever” most annoying [phrase]: http://maristpoll.marist.edu/107-whatever-takes-t...

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I see DIY as the only option between an ever-widening gap between doing nothing and hiring expensive legal services. Furthermore, there are some legal documents that are more accessible to non-lawyers than others. Why not make the tools to create and use "vanilla" docs even easier? Model docs are a start, but companies need an operating manual or a "nutshell" for how to use them. Why there aren't more resources out there demystifying common legal startup docs is beyond me. Unfortunately, those most qualified to educate, the transactional attorneys, are the ones with incentives to perpetuate the status quo. The legal community could do a lot of good (and repair some reputational damage) by facilitating more legal education in their communities. The crash course series, specifically the legal ones, are an example of what I think startup lawyers could do a lot more of: http://www.silicon-flatirons.org/events.php?id=wo...

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Thanks for the advice Sean. Maybe time will tell.

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Cats useless? How about plague prevention: http://cats.suite101.com/article.cfm/cats_and_the... Seems noble enough.

Mine cat loves curling up in the front-end washer. I didn't say they weren't strange.

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You can certainly borrow mine!! I know it's pricey, but pretty cool all the things it can do.

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Chris, our group did it in 4 days, but the consensus was we really would have liked an extra day, for 2 reasons: 1) some of the days are long and 2) we really wished we could have done a day hike in the Snowmass area. It takes so much effort to get to Snowmass Lake (it's in the middle of the hike), but you don't have a chance to enjoy it.

As for the clockwise/counter-clockwise question, the ranger suggested counter clockwise and I think that was the way to go. A few things to consider when making your decision though. Coming down trail rider pass with Snowmass at our backs is very steep. The other section that was really steep was west maroon pass going toward maroon lake. Going clockwise, especially if there is snow and ice (there will be in July) is probably easier. More importantly, think about how you are going to do the two passes in the same day. There is no good place to stop between west maroon pass and frigid air, and I have pretty low standards for "good places to stop". Plus, it is quite a while after Frigid Air headed toward buckskin (if you go clockwise) before you get to a camping spot. Plan accordingly. I also don't know how much you care, but where the sunlight is late in the day can make for some spectacular photos. The evening we climbed over Buckskin I got some great shots. To recap: both have advantages and disadvantages. I liked counter-clockwise, but I think splitting up the passes is a little easier if you go clockwise.

Have a wonderful trip. This was the most amazing hike!! (Also, I hope you're going as late as possible in July, the wild flowers were peaking in mid/late August and the last of the snow had just melted).

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Per, I am equally as troubled, but in response to Blake, I think the big ISPs will play this game because they know they can win over small ISPs by offering these services. Large ISPs can afford it and get a price advantage, so if the ISPs shift to this kind of model, I don't see how small ISPs will stay in business. Only if the small ISPs serve an area where no large ISPs offer services do they have a chance because there won't be an incentive to purchase those services (in which case, those customers won't get the same internet as everyone else).

I see this as game theory unfolding between the content providers, ISPs with deep pockets, and the little guys. Maybe that's over-simplifying the matter, but I'm sure I know who loses unless some kind of regulator steps in. I agree with Per, I'm deeply troubled if this becomes the trend.

Lastly, as a consumer, who is Disney to take it of my control? I watch TV over the internet because the cable model is broken and doesn't meet the consumer's needs. Mr. Padden went on endlessly about how Disney is empowering the consumer to access content on their terms, but clearly the company is also pursuing less consumer-friendly alternatives. What other skeletons are out there that we don't know about?

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As for the weather, it's windy. There are three kinds of wind here: wind, strong wind, and wind with driving rain. Pack a good tent for the wind, excellent rain clothes, and a spare set of dry clothes. Also, consider earplugs.

Best of luck, and have a good trip!