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Kate, take it from a woman who knows; terminate the pregnancy, leave that family and reclaim your life my dear. It is only a Windsor fetus and nobody cares about those. You are not suited to the life of a brood mare, you are a modern woman who deserves a life of her own. Abort - Run - Celebrate!!!

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Abortion laws are actually illegal laws. No law can be imposed on women that cannot be imposed on men equally. We have to work harder to get abortion made available to ALL women who choose for their own personal reason.

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What if a termination is not granted and a woman dies? you have avoided this issue. I care as little for your infertile friends as you do for adult female human beings who die at the hands of pro-life doctors.
Tell your infertile friends to address their lifestyle habits and things might change for them.
The death of Savita, to people like you, is very 'regrettable' but not as 'regrettable' as the death of the foetus. I know how your mind works. The only women who become infertile due to abortions are those who are forced to use a coat hanger. Or those who die miscarrying in the republic of Ireland. I have terminated 3 times and gone on to have a large family so your argument is nonsense.
Do not pretend to be sorry for the loss of this woman because you are not. All you care about are planning permissions for a clinic that is much needed in this country and infertile couples.
The answer to famine is empowerment, education and contraceptive advice for women and sterilisation of men.
Cancer...it is a huge money-spinning industry for the drug companies. Infertility, who cares? there are more than enough people breeding on this planet right now. Tell your friends to buy a puppy - and neuter it.

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I don't give a toss about people not supporting the Stopes clinic because it is HERE and HERE it will stay. I do not care about your infertile friends. I care that a woman was killed because the rights of the unborn over-rode her entitlement to medical treatment and the emergency removal of toxic, dying foetal matter. The doctors refused to 'abort' it, they instead aborted Mrs Halappanvar. Once again, people like you see the woman as dispensable - those doctors wiped out 31 years of life over a 17 week old dying heart beat. You go celebrate their decision, the rest of the decent caring community will weep for her even if you cannot.

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gdown2 your logic is twisted. The woman died! this was not an abortion that was needed, it was dying foetal matter needing removed because it was poisoning this woman's body! what is WRONG with people like you? I disagree with you - the most defenceless citizens in this case are miscarrying and dying women at the mercy of pro-life doctors! attitudes like yours KILLED this woman. But what do you care, she was only a woman.

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This was not an abortion they would have performed, it was a dying foetus causing the mother to be fatally ill with every passing minute it remained in her body. Any woman who has miscarried will testify that such a biological event can make her seriously ill to the point of what happened to this woman. Just because the foetal heart was continuing to pump and despite the physical evidence in front of them they chose to uphold the law rather than act to save this woman's life. Since when does a law take precedence over a human life in grave danger? I am furious that her husband's claim of being told 'this is a catholic country' is being questioned, as if he is being dishonest, how very much it would suit the Irish medical authorities if they could make that one stick. The very least that could and should have been done was to eliminate the danger the miscarriage was causing by removing the unviable foetus but they chose not to. If such medical staff cannot recognise a miscarriage in process and assess the danger this was posing then they have no business working anywhere near women. The foetus was already dying, this woman did not need to die with it.

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Not only that njmcc, I want to know why a fading foetal heartbeat should take priority over the health and well being of a living, breathing, suffering adult married female human being?
Those people are 'pro life' and yet rather than terminate the life of a dying foetus they terminated the life of a married woman AND the foetus. Where is the sense in this?
Instead of acting to choose who would live, those doctors in reality acted to choose who would DIE...in this case an already dying foetus AND it's mother as well. Two lives lost instead of just one. The Irish Constitution has this woman's death on it's hands today. Old men telling women what
is best for them.................they can, and will I am sure, go to Hell!
I am struggling to remember that not so long ago the Celtic Tiger roared - but women in the backward, Pope-Loving nation of the Republic of Ireland are still being treated like second class citizens as the contents of their wombs matter more than they do. And this in a country where catholic priests raped and abused children unchallenged for decade after decade. It is clear that in the eyes of the Roman church children only matter before they are born, not after, and their mothers matter nothing at all. The death of this woman is a black mark on the way Irish law regards women. And an even blacker mark on the people of Ireland who voted for that law.

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Well I hope you pro-lifers are happy. A woman has been murdered all in the name of the foetal heartbeat. The heart is a pump made of tissue, nothing more, nothing less, and because the dying, malformed foetus had a working pump this woman's life took the back seat and she died. Shame on Ireland, shame on the catholic religion, shame on the pope-brigade and shame on anyone who believes this woman had no right to life above that of a dying foetus. This woman was MURDERED in the name of the Irish Constitution!

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The born agains are all busy on the other side of town hounding women going into Marie Stopes, their prayers have been answered, something nice and none-of-their-business to get their sharp fangs into.

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"The children are being sacrificed by fickle mothers who could not be bothered to use any of the contraceptive methods available now. Its all about ending life which you regard so cheaply.". Oh right, so it is back to being a woman-hater eh ron? like the majority of your ilk are. So the women impregnated themselves?
You said you worked in a hospital/medical capacity in one of your earlier comments. I reckon you were a janitor who stuck your nose into places that it had no business being stuck. You align people like me with Hitler, that's fine, because I align people like YOU with Ted Bundy and Peter Sutcliffe.