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Iowans have a social conscience. Also - if it's wrong for a citizen to kill, why should it be right for the state to kill?

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Bush was an oil man, Cheney was an oil man. Whether they were involved with the price changes makes no difference - there was that appearance of impropriety that caused criticism.

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Thank You KCRG!

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$25,000.00 per annum plus per diem.

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You must be what, maybe 11 years old? When you're older you should actually read about the Soviet Union so that when you make comments you really understand what it is you're saying.
Of course the companies themselves didn't say they were marketing to minors - just like the cigarette manufacturers that made candy flavored smokes didn't so so. That certainly didn't make it true. Iowa isn't the only state involved in this debate.
I never said you were a conservative - If you look, you'll see that I was replying to a comment from Ammo2.

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So you conservatives want booze companies to be allowed to market to underage drinkers. Is that because you like more drunks on the road killing innocent people or is it because the commenters on this page that are FOR kiddie booze are underage drinkers themselves who will miss their candy flavored libation?

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The object of banning has little to do with the drink itself - rather, to punish the manufacturer for creating an alcoholic drink then market it to underage people. Candy flavored cigarettes were banned some years ago for the same reason.

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I suppose that comment is supposed to pa.ss as wit. I'm sure you and your adolescent buddies are sitting in a corner somewhere, further destroying your brains with the latest pharmaceutical, yucking it up over how funny you are. I find it to be a sad commentary on many of today's citizens who develop their philosophies of life and government on political sound bytes and comic books.

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OK smart guy, which of the 85 essays in the Federalist Papers are you speaking of? Hamilton's Essay 29 (Written by Alexander Hamilton) speaks of the need for the militia to own and maintain their own muskets. BTW directing ridicule to someone you don't know and haven't heard of based on the premise of a scholarly work you haven't read and his ethnic origin only magnifies your own ignorance.

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Perhaps if you could read, you could educate yourself on the subject and offer something more substantive to the discussion than name-calling.