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Even honest liberals should be able to admit that Obama is just a straight up leftist who has learned to "mask" who he is. In his first book, Obama specifically used the term "mask" to describe how he deceives "white people" into relaxing around him.

This country has had left-of center Presidents before, but we have never had someone properly classified as a modern leftist, someone who is apologetic for the US and sees much promise in people like Castro and Chavez.

Anyone who values western values should be against Obama. What is the point about being moderate in deciding between freedom and statism? Conversely, I fail to see how someone can be for victory against Jihadists while supporting what Obama is doing.

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Totally different. What Chirac did was obfuscate the issue of Islam and Jihad. This move is not so much intended to work as it is to be a "teaching moment."

People paying attention to the silence will learn, at least some of them.

Bottom Line:
This is actually a good move for mobilizing the forces of anti-Jihad. in contrast to Chirac, who was playing intramural competition when the West should have been waking up.

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I knew I should have visited this event. You can see how the aggressor takes advantage of the desire of most normal people who are not Muslims, to avoid trouble.

No more splitting the difference. No more can't we just get along. People have to be forced to take sides.

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Poland is not the canary in the coal mine against Islam because Poland will be one of the last countries to fall to Islam. The point of a "canary in the coal mine" is an indicator that gives you time to react and save your life.

If we use Poland as the canary in the coal mine, we will all be dead.

Poland is a well defended and encapsulated time capsule for Western Civilization. Other nations in Europe, such as Sweden and the Netherlands, are the canary in the coal mine.

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In the context of any other religion, I would be sensitive and sympathetic to the complaint. However, Islam is not just any other religion---it is a force for ill in the world, especially as it makes its one-side demands in the West without any reciprocity in the Muslim world.

The Polish law would obviously be unconstitutional in the US, and I am not in favor of changing our constitution. However, that does not mean that I am prohibited from taking a certain amount of satisfaction from the situation as it currently exists in Poland.

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Davies is a great source in the English language for Polish history. Read RISING '44 if you can stomach a comprhensive history of Poland's betrayal by the allies in WWII.

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Its all an effort to make suicide bombing seem more attractive. Its not like the true believers are allowed ot have any fun anyway, so why not just go out with a bang.

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Agree 100%. However, is a western democracy even capable of playing the subtles of Lebanon and elsewhere in the ME as you suggest? Frankly, its hard to believe we didn't lose the Cold War given how inept Washington seems to be. The dumbing down of the West that the KGB wanted to create finally happened, it just happened too late for the USSR.

Vote counting comes after human rights and rule of law, not before.

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You are missing the point. Real power in Iran is held by the mullah's, not the President. Thus, having a bellicose President makes it easier to wake people up and keep them awake then if there was a sweet talking Obama at the helm.

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You are missing the point. Pipes is not talking about actionable intelligence in the CIA sense of the phrase. Rather he is referring to educating the public.

Go to your adverage barbershop and people there will acknowledge that Iran has a lunatic government. If you put a sweat talker in there, much of the public will conclude that Iran has softened, and public policy will be influenced accordingly.

I agree with Pipes. President Tom is a useful educational tool for the West.