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Oh if they got it who cares tax them 99% and I don't think I should be taxed at all because I make less! You can make the arguement that taxing rich and poor the same amount of money is fair and you can make the arguement that taxing the rich and poor the same percentage is fair. But you can't make the arguement that taxing the rich at a higher percentage is fair. It is clear that you don't get it either, the money spent by the rich actually works to create jobs unlike when the government spends it. Also a large portion of the money they are, as you put it, just sitting on is invested in businesses. Also thanks to the massive amount of money printed lately, when more money does start getting spent and less is saved we will see inflation and probably pretty high inflation too.

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Oil already seeps into the ocean naturally a speeding car doesn't happen naturally. That is why if they pay for any damages they caused then should not have to pay more. The scary thing to me is it seems anybody can be punished without going to court now.

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You people speak of well thought out and I would say SOME was but CLEARLY some wasn't. Three people in a row just took what he said as fact and didn't bother to even think about it and you say other people just repeat FOX and soundbites. Try a little critical thinking before you attack other people for parroting.

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No job creation is not a function of the Federal government except in the areas enumerated by the constitution. However you discount tax rates completely and thats nonsense, any cost is important to a business. By the way costs for governments constitutionally-defined role is about a third of the Federal budget so these are no meager taxes. Besides the taxes it shows that our government doesn't care about the restrictions placed upon them and that to me is worse than the taxes.

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Management doesn't have to ask you how much to pay them! You say stuffed suit like it doesn't take a particular skill set and anyone can do the job. What your missing is that is what YOUR job is not management. They make more because their bosses place their labor at that worth because they have a skill set.

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I do manual labor I was in the miliotary and I was in local 85 carpenters in New York. And don't tell me I'll change my tune, I have principles. Those people that wear a tie to work still work and just like you they knew that job was a higher paying opportunity than working "on the line" just because you didn't want to pursue an education and get that type of job doesn't mean they should have to give you some of the money they earned. The fact is there is more demand for that job therefore it pays more. And by the way quit acting like nobody has it as tough as you tons of people do what you do and don't whine like a baby and think they deserve OTHER PEOPLES money. Your a glorified welfare case.

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BP should pay for the cleanup and for any damages to other people but to pay for just spilling oil that will result in no damages is ridiculous. The funny thing the oil spill and the mortgage crisis are two things that could have been avoided had government not provided incentives for businesses to do what they normally would not have done. However the left will in typical fashion say it was due to deregulation and blame the free market when in fact there is not a free market in lending or oil and they are two of the most regulated industries. But facts don't matter when ideology is the only important thing.

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So if a law was passed saying only christians could get married that would be ok because you have the choice to be Christian or not? Once again try being consistent in your rationale. You are saying marriage is a right for some consenting adults and not others as long as you disagree with them.

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"Without affirmative action we would, most likely, not have Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thompson. Yea, we would have been better off without it. " There is nothing that suggests Thomas gained from affirmative action ever in his lifetime except democrats speculation that he only got the position because he was replacing a black justice. That's completely outrageous and the left says people on the right are racists.

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The post is obviously from a person that thinks government should be able to hand money from someone that worked for it to someone who didn't. Remember it is people on the left that think government should be able to redistribute wealth and they don't care if the nation is in extreme debt from it as long as they get free money. And they call the other side greedy for wanting people to be able to keep what they earn!