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Yep, that is definitely some "My Kind of Lover"/"Everybody Wants You"/"Open Arms"/"Faithfully" imagery you've got going. It wouldn't surprise me to hear some J. Giels Band and Greg Kihn at that party, as well. Good times.

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Just to play Devil's advocate, Jason, I'm not entirely convinced that angels will go away. I think that such a phenomenon has much more to do with the portion of their overall investment outlay tied up in rather than the nature of the market. If anything, a downturn could be seen by savvy angels as a time to buy good solid ideas with long term futures. If they can preserve their burn and go positive before conditions change, so much the better.

As much as I do believe that many investors will run scared, I believe even more strongly that a few months to a year of sub-par returns will renew their will. After all, chasing returns in a low-return environment arguably provided the catalyst for our current mess.

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Allow me if I can to try bridge the gap a little. Many Christians will like Palin because she's up front about her faith, and the implications that her faith has on her decision-making process. Brad, if I'm correct, you're concerned about the fact shows a public appearance of our potential Vice President essentially babbling about nothing. As someone who grew up in fundamentalist churches, now attempts to live a humble Christian life, but swings to the left on most social issues, the two sides are arguing apples and oranges. Fundamentalist/charismatic believers will only hear her sincerity and feel-good vibe, and will give her kudos for being overt with her "Christian" wording. Brad and others who may not be as energized by merely her faith stance are worried about the minimal content and disjointed organization of her speech.

Personally, I think she's probably a nice lady. However, from what I've seen and read, she's no more qualified to be one step from the Presidency than the average small town mayor or mid-level corporate manager. I think the bar should be higher.