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Too little too late. The battle for a real Brexit is in the here and now, not sometime in the undefined future.

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What a load of waffle by an armchair philosopher from their "thinktank" in SW1 and living in the leafy suburbs of London, far removed from the lives of the unwashed masses that dared to vote for Brexit.

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Ah, you ask for too much sir.

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Everyone can calm down, DD’s allies have confirmed that he will not be resigning today.

A fudge has been arrived at and there will be an announcement on the backstop later today from No10 which will allow everyone to claim partial victory.

Also known as kicking the can down the road.

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Well said. I am fed up of those who keep bringing up the spectre of a Corbin govt to keep May in. We should have got rid of her long ago. Unfortunately, none of the Brexit MPs have the selflessness and patriotism to risk their political hides doing that.

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That is defeatist. There is no one more beholden to corporatist (CBI, IOD, trade lobbyists) Remaniacs than Bojo. I would not trust him at all.

JRM is the real deal and I believe he has tremendous support among us members and can definitely win a leadership contest.

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I hear you, but unfortunately we don’t have an option. Us not voting Tory would inevitably lead to a Liebour government and a second rigged referendum leading to no Brexit.

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Exactly! I don’t understand why more people don’t get this. With the current parliament there is no chance of a majority for a clean Brexit, irrespective of what May, Davis or the cabinet decides.

Change May, call a fresh election, force Liebour to come out against Brexit, throw out the Tory remainers and get a crystal clear mandate for a clean Brexit!

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Being an inveterate politician with principles aplenty, I think his priority will be setting himself up for a good shot as the next Tory leader.

With Rudd now roadkill and the symbolism of a Pakistani bus driver's son becoming UK's first Asian Prime Minister looming over his candidacy, he is undoubtedly a front runner on the Remainer side of the party.

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Haha that's a good one. Sajad to Sadiq when he won the London mayoral elections - @SadiqKhan from one son of a Pakistani bus driver to another, congratulations. Plus Sajad's virtue signalling bleating (re Windrush) about how his parents and him would have been deported as well, constantly referring to his 'humble Pakistani immigrant beginnings'.

I think you'll find that (like most politicians), he'll play the identity card when he needs to, especially now that he is firmly in the lead for the next remainer candidate for the leader of a post-May Tory party and Rudd has blown her chance.