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You can setup Gmail to retrieve e-mail from 5 other e-mail addresses. So for example if you have an e-mail address like username@timewarner.com or username@verizon.net you can goto gmail.com and click settings at the top then choose Accounts and on the Accounts page look for "Get mail from other accounts:" That is the section of gmail that allows you to pull e-mail for other e-mail accounts. I hope that helps. Thanks for your comment.

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I Forgot one other thing that I would love to have and that is MMS. I hate when someone wants to send me something and I'm like the iPhone doesn't have MMS.

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Great video. I'm still very much a user of Twhirl but I can see why TweetDeck has become so popular. What are the other features that might convince someone to convert over to TweetDeck? The zooming and transitions in the video were very nice. What program did you use to accomplish that?

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More "Cooking With Bwana" please!! It's fun to watch. Nice job!

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Wow Bwana, you have gotten very good at the Ocarina. I still mess up the timing.

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I have gone back and forth Jailbreaking my phone then un-jailbreaking. I love the apps available on Cydia but I found that after jailbreaking, my phone was slower to boot and slower to shutdown and for some reason that made me feel uncomfortable running the phone Jailbroken.