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I'm so excited that you wingnuts have developed a sudden affinity for racial minorities! Halle-fucking-lujah!!!

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A so-called "pro-life" Democrat, and a male. Jesus Criminy. If I were a rich woman I'd bankroll your campaign, just to oust that mofo, Trevor.

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Wait, so it's our responsibility to get all pissed off about a "whole big picture" that may not be true?

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Why do you think he's a bigot? He's only saying it's hard to determine any validity to the accusations based on this story. I agree with him, too. And I'm certainly no bigot.

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I've learned that believing every allegation made on blogs is not a good idea. I'm sure you'll get pummeled for your post but I also am withholding judgment. Physicians are not shocked by much.

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Nice try. You picked a fine time to become progressive feminists. Just admit this is a desperate attempt to whittle away at abortion rights by pointing to a non-existent phenomenon.

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Liar. Some PP clinics have mammography imaging equipment. Just as all other physicians do, PP sends out most referrals to imaging centers, though.

why do you people constantly lie?

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Oh, but HexColor, Marianna is forced to use it because Pres. Obama will go door to door shoving it down women's throats. Didn't you known? Yep, that's the new liberal agenda. Birth control for all women whether they want it or not!

OK wait that can't be true. Let me think about this. If they are on forced birth control, how can they then be impregnated and get their state-ordered abortions? OMG!!!

LOL .. women like Marianna scare the living daylights out of me. "I don't like what they are offering, so I don't want it to be available!"

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I'm sure that if a Wiccan or atheist, or abortion-rights group, were to preach to the captive audience, you wingnuts would want her executed.

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Of course "pro-lifers" would be opposed to life-saving organizations. Nothing to see here; move along.