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Here's the author's response, John...


Thank you for the positive comments. You bring up a good point. First of all, I would assume that both parties have an executed NDA which prohibits the disclosure of information without prior authorization in writing. What does your quality agreement say? I can understand the CMO’s concern, but if the virtual tour is limited to the scope of your products that should help minimize those concerns. Additionally, I doubt that any video or picture taken during an audit of this type will ever be up for an Emmy Award! Given the current situation, attitudes will have to change to adapt. If the CMO is unwilling to accommodate your request, I am absolutely certain there are others that will. You are the customer, you issue the purchase orders, and you ultimately pay the bills!


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Good catch, Jerry! The link to Kevin's QbD myths article has been added to the opening paragraph. Thanks...

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Thanks for your comment, Prakash. Here is the link to Part 1: https://www.pharmaceuticalonline.com/doc/fda-anal...

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Hello, Avraham. Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. The correct Table 3 has been inserted.

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Thanks for your comment, Robbie. Here's a response from the author:

"These are all great ideas, some of which I have used before. I really like the idea of using the ‘Post-It Notes’ coding system. The Management Representative should never be surprised under any circumstances!

Sounds like your organization is inspection ready!"

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Hello, Prashant,

The author asked me to post this reply: "The study does not appear to require CDSCO approval and is likely to fall under 'Biomedical and health research.' You may please proceed with submission of the study proposal to your ethics committee and if they are in doubt, they can formally write to CDSCO and seek clarification if it requires their approval as well.”

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Hi, Marina. Part 2 will be published on Apr. 19.

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Hi, Fabian. Here is the link to Part 3 of the series, which covers 5 Whys:

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The correct year is 2023 for both references. We have corrected the error in the first paragraph. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and sorry for any confusion it may have caused.

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Thanks for pointing out the issue with Figure 3. It has been replaced with the proper image.