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Obama does not have the maturity nor temperament to be President. Not a racist remark but an observation:

WHY in the world would he comment on a situation before he has "all the facts" by his own admission. NOT presidential because by that ONE statement he made himself the president of minorities not the president of all citizens. Isn't racism all about stereotypes and labeling??? And isn't calling someone stupid perjorative?

It really doesn't matter WHAT happened with the incident at this point. What it demonstrates is the character of the POTUS

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Obama made two strategic mistakes in his presser last night:

1. To accuse MD's of performing unnecessary surgery to earn more money
2. To label the Cambridge police "stupid".

Firstly: The insurance companies REQUIRE pre-certification for surgery which means the medical records are reviewed for something called NECESSITY and will be DENIED payment if protocol is not met. In the case of tonsilitis: there must be documented and treated multiple strep infections within a one year period,
Obama does NOT know what he is bloviating about and is painting the medical profession with a libelous brush!

WITHOUT KNOWING ALL THE FACTS he has judged the police actions as "stupid". Obama shows lack of judgement with this statement OR (worse) a desire to take the spotlight off the mess he has made by PLAYING THE RACE CARD!

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Fox NEWS is showing him but not the normal network.

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Mr. H.:
I have always posted under my real name including when I troll on the Huff Po!
But I don't really understand why this is your new crusade?
There are those who must remain anonymous because they may need to function as "special ops" at some point down the road.

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Thank goodness Fox Network is NOT broadcasting the blow-hard in Chief. I would much rather see "so you think you can dance". How do you know when POTUS is lying? When his lips are moving!

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Absolutely Mr. boy!
The decks need clearing by a wind from our rage sending the trash back from whence it came!
I can count on one hand the few honorable reps that we have in D.C.

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How about reading the article? The ones complaining are Barney Fwank, et al....last time I checked they be Dems.

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Netanyahu will do what he has to....his brother was the Lt. killed in the famous Israeli raid on Entebbe to rescue the airline hostages.
The Likkud party is right of center and has an historic connection to the political party formed in Poland by Jews during WWII as a party of the underground to fight the Nazis. They understand the implications of unfettered power.
I have no hope at all that Obama will support them in any way going forward. Remember the famous saying from the Jesuit priests who believed: Give me the boy at age 7 and I will have him as a man? Don't forget that Obama was educated in Indonesia by the Muslims as a boy.

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As a Missourian I was pleased when Sen. Bond announced his retirement (actually 6 years too late). Like most of the few remaining Rep. senators he has shown a tremendous LACK of leadership.
NOW he has insulted one of the world's great commodities: ****. As a former horse breeder/trainer I can attest to the beneficial qualities of manure. By aging it for at least six months it helped to produce some gorgeous roses and tasty tomatoes at my farm. A retired priest originally from Poland used to drive out, hang his cassock on the fence and fill his trunk with it for his vegetable garden...he would use nothing else and was thrilled he had found a free source.

BUT more to the point: I agree with old marine: Too much blow hard: No action.
I am heartily sick of the whole "Inside the beltway" lot of them....

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Important NEWS FLASH for all StLouis area 9/12ers:

Cong. (D) Russ Carnahan's brother is the LARGEST OWNER of "wind farms" in the mid-west. See wikipedia for verification. His largest investor is not US but Irish toll road operators.
Now if that is not a conflict of interest I do not know what is
We need action NOW for 2010.
Time for the corrupt to get the boot!