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"If we eliminated guns, criminals would use alternative methods of violence(knives, baseball bats, autos, etc.) " no, in all reality if you look at the statistics from canadas failed firearms registration catastrophie to austrailia's chaos of a personal ban on weapons ownership and even into the U.S cities that have banned concealed carry or even handgun ownership all-together u still see the same thing, criminals will still get guns! ban every one on the planet and the guys that dont go by the rules will still get a gun, and in the scenarios listed above u can generally expect a 200% increase in violent crimes almost overnight because the bad guys knew no one had a gun anymore for the most part to protect themselves, seattle was on the right track pushing for federal prosecution of firearms crimes, do it! stick to the laws we have and find a way to enforce them! push the federal mandatories on these guys the first time around so they arent bouncing in and out of our already financially strained court systems and get the message out that this just wont be tolerated ! its an old thread i found just looking it up but in a forum on circa 5-19-2011 they state there are 337,503 active cpl's in wa. state and a population of 6,724,540, thats roughly 19.24% so 1 in 20 in this state are packing, next time it might be one of our homes you barge into or our car you try to steal, think about that...

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all i will simply say is prayers to the boy and the family, but to all of you who constantly blast us law abiding gun owners, for the recor,d im 32 yrs old, i carry every day, i walked around in the woods alone as a 12 year old with a 1903 springfield armory 30-06 that was given to me by by my grandpa, who got the rifle from his grandpa, who carried it in WORLD WAR FREAKING ONE! this rifle has been in physical existience since 1911 according to the serial # and to date has only done harm to those in wwI were the rifle did its country a great service, since then it has been a storyteller, an instruction tool, and a piece of american history that along with proper common sense heads ups has allowed it to be around so long, that 1903 has protected a nation, families, herds , farms and several generations and not so much hurt a flea that didnt deserve it. i was taught proper firearms handling from an early age and it was nary an issue, we didnt steal our parents guns and hide them in our lockers at school, we knew better than beleive what we saw in the movies, we didnt BLAME THE HAMMER in shop class when we smashed our thums, wake up people, i forget who commented but in wake of all the shootings people are screaming for more gun control ENFORCE TYHE LAWS WE HAVE ON THE BOOKS! criminals ignore gun free zones, they dont have concealed weapons permits, they dont buy their guns from wal mart and they could give a **** about any law that you might pass that wont help a damn to prevent them from stealing another gun or buying it on the black market, only us responsible citizens suffer, and when your sherrif's deputies are 45 minutes away dur to budget cuts and downsizing im sorry, but i will find myself alive, behind a smiking barrel and will plead my case to my peers before i find myself unarmed in a place where criminals can still take guns with no regard for the law and i am forced to jump throu your hoops
, to all a good night and america god bless

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"prevalence of guns" !!!! took me an hour to stop laughing, lets start a campaign to ban all the poop laying around because of our fly problem...u can have it when you take it from my cold dead hand, and im taking a few of you with me!

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yet another reason why im not going anywhere without my 1911 this weekend, never know what sort of trouble may come your way these days, hope they find the clowns...

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when this happens i say overturn the handling of the rioting mob to the Dept. of fish and wildlife, treat them like a herd of elk that has wandered out of its range and is tearing up a golf course or something, hold a raffle so hunters can draw for a damage control permit, bag a few of the most troublesome members and the rest of the herd tends to chill out and go back to normal.....just an idea

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looks like an '87 assembly, oops

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I took a stray dog to the Everett shelter last summer, the dog was in good shape but you could tell he had been wandering for a while, and i found him wandering on the highway, the lady at the desk told me i would be better off trying to locate the dogs owner myself (no collar no tags, they didnt even want to check it for a microchip) and also stated that they were too overwhelmed, understaffed and underfunded and that since they had no room for the dog if i left it with them it would be put down before the days end, i have heard horrible horrible things about this shelter, stay away from it! also had a friend who went on vacation, the person watching their pittbull left the back door open one day, dog went wandering, didnt cause a problem, but ended up getting picked up by animal control, the dog was adopted from that very same shelter, had a microchip, but because they couldnt contact the owners after 3 days the dog was put down because "our policy states that all dangerous breeds get 3 days to locate the owner then they are put down if one cant be found"! they had this dogs owners info, knew they were out of town, but still put the dog down!

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after reading the whole story one of the many random thoughts that crossed my mind was about the crab pots as well. kinda odd to find floating crab pots, the buoy's are not uncommon but the whole pot? and yeah on a trawler that was goin for bottomfish?. few things i found myself speculating..could have been a couple pots that were full of buoys for storage and those few were floating? was it crab season where they were at?i dont follow the commercial seasons around here but if it wasnt crab season maybe left on board from the last one? are the pots used commercially in wa. the same as the big 800 pounders they use up in alaska? that would be difficult to make float .. .. as far as the cargo ship hit and run theory is there any way to check the navigation records of any ships in the area and see if thats at least a plausable theory? arent they all gps these days, im sure if my car can tell me where it was at an exact time and date it shouldnt be too hard to do for a 500 foot boat

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in case u havent noticed but in the wake of all the school shootings that happened around the time of columbine (there were like six or 7 copycat shootings that made the news in the year after columbine, one here in washington that i beleive was thwarted (i wanna say centrailia?)) but the policy for dealing with school shootings is now nationwide, and is very simple, first guys on the scene dont wait for backup, dont wait for the negotiator, get inside as fast as you can and SHOOT THE SHOOTER, , weve seen too many time when it takes the cops 20-30 minutes to stage all their personnel, gear up and devise a plan of atack...the whackjob doing the shooting has prolly reloaded 2 dozen times in this same timeframe and as virginia tech proved, if u sit on ur ass while a madman goes on a rampage the body count will only get higher, even the feds agree with "shoot the shooter" policy and dont care if its a kindergarden or college student, if there someone with a gun in a school they are going to drop ur azz these days, no if ands or buts about it...way it should be. i remember in 1998 at Interlake High school we had a gun scare (turned out to be a hoax) but even our school resource officer from the bellevue pd was freakin out cus she was in the cafeteria with those of us on 2nd lunch and at the time policy required her to check and lock her gun in the office because schools are "gun free zones" i dunno if cops still gotta check guns at schools anymore but rememberr thinking "great if a guy comes in here and starts shooting not even the cops here to protect us can shoot back."

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mobile meth lab a more likely case (pot doesnt grow to well in the snow lol), rangers should all be issued high cap. 45's and an Ar-15 or Ak, most of the time people you run into in the woods are pretty friendly but ive wandered across a few meth camps in my hunting days and unfortunately if things go bad ur miles from anywhere and most likely alone, and theres places in the park not even their radios will get through to someone if a ranger runs into trouble.