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not pray?....not pray?????? our southern baptist friends would roll over in their graves if they heard that statement.

Now I'm going to pray about if I should or not have prayed leaving a comment.

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Yeah, Yeah,'s all your fault....sooo...thanks for making me go to the arm-pit of Missouri during that summer!!! But seriously, Thank you!!!

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Thanks Vic! I'll be bringing her by for Journey to Bethlehem. Hopefully we'll have you as our family leader! Thanks again!

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Smooth? yes sir....well, I just watched Hitch a few times before I wrote my proposal speech. ....kidding...but no, seriously, Hitch is a great movie.

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Uhhh....yes, completely your fault for those tickets! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! They were amazing seats and I had some amazing company w/ me! Yes, you're very awesome for that!

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Thanks!!! I'm the lucky one to have her and for her to say yes!!! Thanks again!!!

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I want to comment on this blog, but I want to pray about what I'm gonna say first.

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How do you think your life would be different if you decided to meet 100 new people in person over a month's time instead of trying to add 100 "followers" on a social media site? Get out from behind your computer and meet people face-to-face.

How fruitful will the relationships be with 100 new "friends" via Twitter every month?
Yes, you may 'talk' to 100 new people each month, but how much more fruitful could a face-to-face relationship be with just one person vs. the 100's that you'll never see light touch their skin? I mean, sure, you may have some networking or some interaction on your blog with a few people, but at the end of the day, what have you truly accomplished? So you can 'tweet' with people who you aren't able to talk to face-to-face because they live 100's of miles away...big deal!

I would take one single personal relationship that is face-to-face over 1 million twitter followers any day.

Over the next year, you are setting a goal of gaining 1200 new "friends" who you may never have a face-to-face conversation with. Yes, twitter can be a great social media tool to use and learn from, but I honestly want to call you out...I love ya man, but your social media habits have seemed a bit ridiculous.

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HAHAHAHA! Now, I know we both have friends who are Cubs fans, but did you stand too close to them and catch that cold that creates a delusional outlook upon a sports team?

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you're pathetic.
get a job.
stop living at home.
and stop bragging.
(you told me to tell you that)

Dude, get out of your parent's basement...i know I'm just as guilty of it as you are, but get out from behind your computer at have a laptop...take it to a starbucks...i know it sounds crazy, but just being around people and outside of my apartment makes me feel like i did a bit more than sit around and job search and read blogs all can still do that, just go somewhere and be around'll make that saturday feel more like a saturday again.

Don't look at it as a burden to be living at home right now...unless you have intentions of dating a girl soon, it's fine to live at home....for now. Going on dates and telling a girl you live at home probably doesn't look the best on your part. Chicks dig independence. After you have plenty of money saved from a job, move out. Or move because of a job...there is something refreshing about moving and getting a fresh start on it all.

Maybe instead of everyday being a saturday, make it a sunday....a "God" day...????...DVR football games....and don't watch them or check scores...then watch them through the week....

I'll be praying for you to get a job. We can all be praying you get a job...but if you aren't applying anywhere, it'd be a rare occurrence to have someone randomly call you about a job. search. search. search. (not saying you aren't...just a reminder, cause i know personally how easy it is to be lazy about job searching) post your resume on careerbuilder, stljobs, hotjobs, craigslist

i'll be praying for ya and your search!