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Tensai's push went away because marks kept chanting Albert.

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Vickie got way more over than any of those guerreos and I bet it eats at them on the daily. Fact of the matter is Vickie was set for life and never had to work as a personality, but she became a personality and earned her money and became a huge heel that got guys over. She should be congratulated for what she's been through. People forget Eddie was a die hard drug addict and was making pennies wrestling in.mexico and Japan and vickie stood by him.and.raised there kids with nothing.

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In what way did she disrespect eddies legacy? I'd love to hear how she did in anyway undermine him. If anything she and the wwe hold eddies memory in high regard and they mention him as an all time great whenever he's brought up. If they have family drama behind the scenes then should've been hashed out by a phone call.

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Bobby Roode is a champion in a depleted tag team division. He went from top heel to horribly booked heel in 6 months. Roode in the WWE has the potential to be a main event heel wrestling top tear guys that can draw money

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I was actually entertained by Impact last night for the first in almost a year. The segments and Promos were awful as usual, but the matches made up for it. Both Raw and impact have delivered this week. Btw, this Aries and Roode thing is a blatant rip off of team hell no. TNA isn't even trying to to hide it. All that's missing is Aries giant beard and Roodes big red mask.

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Lmao dude that's a Replica title....... You think PWinsider and other media wouldn't jump on this if it was true? The only place reporting this is a bodybuilding forum.........

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It's a made up rumor on wrestling forums. Some mark already asked the pornstar and she denied it.

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Hogan has also said that he was almost the bassist for Metallica and he was going to be the lead actor in the movie the wrestler. So we should believe all those things Hogan said too, right. And what good would it be for TNA to induct Savage?

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Hogan Is a decent guy? Tell that to half the guys he buried from the mid 80's until the early 2000's. Also tell that to the kid who Hogan said was gods will that his son hit the kid with his car. This isn't Hogan being a decent guy

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Lmao Internet smarks are hilarious. I bet none of you can name me any of the last gold medal winners in any weight class in wrestling, but you're outraged it's getting pulled off the olympics. I also find it hilarious that Dixie, a woman who probably can't name 5 amateur wrestlers, is suddenly concerned about amateur wrestlings future. You just gained your 5 minutes of publicity Dixie name dropping WWE and the IOC, cherish it.