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Tim, glad to hear you're excited about this. You can follow information on AdBurner on the NewsGator Blog,


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Yes, Jeff, widgets can be used in Social Sites. The potential uses are intriguing...

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Glad to hear you're excited about this! There may be some different directions we go in with the related content offerings in the future, too. Good suggestion!

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Did you see Obama's as well? I actually found McCain's funnier and was surprised to see that McCain actually showed much better comedic timing than Obama did. Both were quite gracious to one another, too, despite the digs at each other -- which was refreshing to me.

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This subject is such a hornet's nest that I'm somewhat loath to take a stand. I will say that the majority of the mainstream, "accepted" climate indicators do NOT predict global cooling in the near future. (There are some bits of data, largely related to solar cycles, that do foretell cooling, but this is a highly contentious area of climate prediction whose relation to global warming/cooling is generally not accepted by the majority of mainstream climate scientists.) That being said, there certainly are periods of global warming and cooling that are naturally part of the earth's climate.

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Jeff, just so you know, the scientists that make up this project are all global warming deniers. As you said, quite hard to find non-politicized climate stories these days.

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For your enjoyment, here is a picture from inside the vaunted Big Tent!

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Even worse news for Hallmark from places like Saudi Arabia??

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Jeff, that's hilarious. I agree that the Brits provide plenty opportunities for mocking.