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Matt Dowd had some great remarks too, and manned up about his own role in the Bush admin.. .

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When it comes to sorrowful exits, nobody beats the Godfather of Soul:

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Is is just a coincidence that the missing Malaysian plane probably had enough seats for all the missing Nigerian girls? Or do they just want us to think it was a coincidence.?

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How do you say "four savvy women" in dog whistle? "Their husbands let them out of the house?"

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So, who WAS the most hated person in Judea 2,000 years ago?

Hitler's grandpa to the 18th power?

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Robyn Hitchcock said it first in :Uncorrected Personality Traits": Lack of involvement with the father/ or over-involvement with the mother/
can result in lack of ability/ to relate to sexual fears/ and in homosexual
leanings, narcissism, transexuality (girls from the waist up/men from the
waist down)/ attempts to be your own love object./ Reconcile your parents to
you by becoming both at once!

Even Marilyn Monroe was a man, but this tends to get overlooked by our
mother-fixated, overweight, sexist media./

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“It’s like that black football player who recently came out," … he said, ‘I just want to be known as a football player. I don’t want to be known as a gay football player.’ I know exactly what he’s saying.”

Maybe Michael Sam does not want to be known as "that black ... football player" either. How about just "football player" Paula? Your slip is showing.

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My vibrator has first name, it's O-S-C-A-R. My vibrator has a second name, it's ....

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Sounds like the $50 Democrats need some new subsidies: "Slut Stamps"

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"Grand hats, tall with feathers" !!! A favorite from Dr. Seuss