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Hey man. This is awesome! This is what we talked about.. Using this method I can combine the comment feeds from various blogs that use Intense Debate to produce a single feed on the main page of my social network! Beau, how can I find out the url for an Intense Debate comments feed of a blog that isn't my blog and I don't know the owner? This is very important for my implementation of Buddypress with ID next year. I teach Spanish and working very hard on so that it will be ready for masses of students in the fall.

Also... I have to say that my Php experience is limited. I have manipulated a lot of code over the years but always based on models and trial and error. A widget would be awesome!

I have also been looking at other solutions to combine custom RSS feeds. The only solution I have found so far aside from yours is Yahoo pipes. I would love to do what you did. Am going to try to make a feed like yours with my own info... Will try do my best to build my own off of your model. Thank you so much for the walk through and model!!!

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Hey man!