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Jesus, it blows me away that you washed the feet of and served Your supper to Judas! You knew what he was going to do but You knew what You had to do. Thank You for not allowing the depravity of men to compromise Your divinity as God! I readily confess that I do not have that power in and off myself. Thank You for showing us what mercy looks like and that we can always receive mercy in our desperate times of need.

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Absolutely fascinating! I guess we need to be careful how we criticize the ways God may choose to make His Son known to the world He loved enough to save through Christ!. Thanks!

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Thanks so much for willingness to read and check out the articles and to comment. Greatly appreciated. I checked out site. Wow! lot of stuff there!
As far as translations go, that all depends on what you use it for. For simple study I prefer the NIV, or New King James Version. For detailed study, the ESV or KJV with reference to Strong's notes. For reading, I use the NIV or NLT.

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Man, that article is definitely a keeper! Thanks for sending it on.

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Here's one I heard:
"Some people age like fine wine.
Some people age like milk!"
(I'll leave personal identifications to you or "Bushy One")

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WOW! Great insight. Convicting, challenging, inviting. Thanks for a sobering reminder and spiritual exhortation for us to participate in the divine nature of God. Your words is an appropriate connection to what I have been reading in Wurmbrand's "Tortured For Christ" book. He and the thousands like him lived your message to the fullest extent. (John 15:13)

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Absolutely love the story and the reality of a God who meets us in the place of desperation and brings us to peace on His terms. Ironically, it seems that to qualify to understand the mercies of God, we must encounter desperate times as well.

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Man, then I am a dastardly criminal! Tough to do with devotional material but then again sounds like one has to be clear on motives of whether the purpose is getting your thoughts down and out or encouraging people to read. I am sure there is a happy medium. I am still trying to find it. Thanks for the article and the challenge that "less may truly be more!"

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Thanks Leo. I have found and am rediscovering how powerful this is in sustaining dialogue with God