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Nope, not American. I'm a Flames fan, and so have a natural hatred for the Canucks, which could probably be overcome during a playoff run if it wasn't for the fact that I also dislike so much of their personnel, beginning with Luongo, and their manner of playing the game, which includes dominating my beloved Flames, but also being a bunch of whiners and divers and embellishers.

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That's why you skipped the candidates debate, isn't it?

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Yeah, sure, I actually don't have any theoretical problem with any of that. My statement was specifically a response to the suggestion that these "NDP pylons" need to be tossed, as you rightly perceived. I just Wiki'ed recall election and I see BC allows it provincially. It seems reasonable enough. One could imagine some party getting 155 seats, and suddenly there are a few ridings where the citizens are magically mobilized to recall their MP who sits in the newly formed majority caucus. Of course, this is but one possibility which necessitates, as you say, a particularly high bar.

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I fact, I would argue that that would be a situation in which it should never be used. Abuse is one thing. Simply wanting to pick someone else is quite another.

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Lunatic tangent? The main thing that I take issue with is this notion swirling around that these candidates who no one expected to win but did win are in some way illegitimate. For better or worse, the people voted them into the House of Commons, and they will be reevaluated in the next election.

Also, the Luongo just let in his fourth goal, which makes me very happy.

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Well, I would just point out that there is already a pretty good mechanism for that, called the next election.

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The two statements, of course, refer to different events, if you will. The former to her putting her name forward as a candidate. The latter to her accepting the responsibility that comes with having been elected.

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I agree with him also, but I think it is quite wrongheaded to imagine that the party's losses can be attributed to that one mis-answer, as if doing a better job of replying to that one criticism would have turned everything around. The truth is, is Iggy's answer to that criticism - something along the lines of, "I don't need lessons in democracy from you Jack!" - was completely consistent with the inherent problems in an Ignatieff leadership to begin with. And yes, the most appropriate word is "arrogance".

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And I quote from not to very far above: "Extensive Star interviews with campaign insiders and politicians..."

Oh what's the point.

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Sure, we'll enact that mechanism at the same time that we enact the mechanism to take away the right to free speech of idiots, starting with you, sir.