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man that's sad to ... um... read...

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what do you think the chances are for a snake mountain playset?

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I don't know what to say about this pic. Unfortunately it seems to be true someone else I know reportedly seen the other designs and apparently leo is donning some amalgam of samurai armor and Donnie is apparently wearing some kind of tech suit and raph looks like someone stepped out of a ufc cage.. of course its all internet rumors.... why would I not be surprised if it turns out to be true.. that costume is horrendous and why nickelodeon would even allow such a departure is bewildering to me..

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way to make it happen dan! I knew you would come through

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another great review Dan! Just tell them to please give us some helmets!

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I have to agree that is a very cool item. great video. customs are an awesome thing when they turn out as great as that one did. which brings me to this. something i believe that is missing from the masters line and in my opinion is completely overlooked is the scenery. all the different shrubs trees rock formations that gave the original a lot of its character is unavailable and for those of us that display our figures in scenes, how great would be to fully recreate a scene from our favorite episode.

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so if masters gets a new cartoon or a movie do you think these will start to be available in stores?

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he should've came with his helmet. that would've made the face sculpt a little easier to deal with

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excellent review and I have to agree that it is a great playset. I never owned it myself but my cousin had both castles (snake mountain) and we played with them through every stage of the 80's it started with he-man, then it became a base for our joes and finally ended with the turtles. they literally seen years of play and were mixed in with just about every toy we had.

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when this game came out we used to walk to our malls game room after school and watch the tournaments take place. there were literally @ 20 kids waiting their turn everyday. competition was fierce. when the toys came out I had bought all of them and had them for awhile during my first collection. they were really cool and went alongside my Jurassic park and dragon heart figures quite nicely.