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At a meeting I attended last week Lord Sumption said that if the judges do not reign back from extending their powers we might need a new Bill of Rights to effectively restrict their powers.
When is the Conservative Party going to set up the Constitution, Democracy and Right Commission?

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Excellent article. I totally agree. With candidates like Mathew Robinson in North Down great strides forward can be made.

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Until those that run CPF are elected by and accountable to the members of the Party, or the members have a vote on policies it will always be regarded as a meaningless talking shop. As for debates at the Party Conference, we used to have genuine debates with motion put forward by the Constituency Associations. Without these all we get is froth.

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Perhaps Bill Wiggin could expand on his comment " preventing “important responsibilities such as candidate selection being taken out of the hands of the Party" ?

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The Conservative Party have an excellent candidate - Mathew Robinson - in North Down. I hope he does well. In 1992 the Conservatives came within 4,000 votes of winning the seat. With the help of CCHQ we could build up the Conservatives in Northern Ireland and break down the sectarian politics which currently exists.

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Having been screwed by CCHQ for not letting us chose a parliamentary candidate six months ago in Beaconsfield, we have in Joy Morrissey the hardest working candidate I have ever known. Grieve had three weeks campaigning with the help of the Libdems, whilst we had no candidate. Now our campaign has had to be built from the ground up and is starting to show positive results. Aleksandra Turner has done a fantastic job creating the most enthusiastic team of helpers and workers. It has made me proud to be associated with them. Loyal Conservatives all. I look forward to victory on December 12th. Beaconsfield Conservatives and Joy Morrissey deserve it!

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Come to Beaconsfield. The Conservative candidate Joy Morrissey is doing a fantastic job!

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Hope so!

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The process for selecting candidates is a scandal and those responsible should resign.

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Dominic Grieve in Beaconsfield is out canvassing every day with lots of Libdem helpers, having public meetings, sending out literature, getting funding from the European Movement, crowd funding for his campaign, getting paid ads on Facebook and we still have not got a Conservative candidate! Every Conservative should weep at the sheer incompetence and bloody mind-ness of CCHQ. We could have had a candidate in place 6 months ago were it not for them. Time for radical reform after this General Election.