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One thing that would help at this time, and also force the police to use peaceful enforcement is to disarm them entirely. This works well for the Brits, who respond to actual dangerous emergencies with armed police under special circumstances. This would cure police brutality as the police would be forced to realize that brute force and brutality would get them the hell beat up. American police need to relearn their job, and as well be required to get a college degree in Criminal Justice AND take an ethics class, or not be hired. This worked well for the police in Norman, Oklahoma where the PD had 3 PhDs and several MS degreed officers, and no brutality back in the early 1990s.

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I agree, It is yet another good reason to eliminate the filthy rich and their corporations. Those that make themselves rich over promoting endless war for their own profit never themselves nor their sons and daughters never go to war. They expect to sit back in their air conditioned offices and enjoy a martini while using the politicians they own to keep these wars going, while sending the sons and daughters of the 99% to fight and die in foreign nations in their stead. The sons and daughters of the 99% do not fight for this nation, they fight and die for the profits and pocketbooks of the avaricious 1%. This is perhaps the best reason to nationalize their corporations and send them to Guantanamo for good. If you want to see the dirty underside of these corporate pirates and the politicians they own, watch 'The Untold History of the United States' that is now playing on Netflix.

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I disagree with Larsen's initial sentences that seem to promote "free market" solutions to healthcare. My observation is that there are several things that government does far better than the "free market". For example health care should be immediately nationalized. This bogus "free market" ownership of health care has resulted in the most expensive and ineffective health care in the first world nations. We are # 37 (woo hoo) as measured by The WHO in healthcare. It is also the reason that this nation has the worlds record in the number of deaths due to the virus, and it's just getting started. This nation should have nationalized health care in the 1930's but the avaricious AMA went for greed and vetoed it, and we have paid for it out our noses. Worried about the health care insurance companies? The ones that won't cover your major illnesses, for fear they won't get their bonuses? They should be hanged. Other things that government needs to govern are water sewage and education. I give you Flint MI. Every community that has allowed "free market" to run their water, they have always priced it out of people's ability to pay, and for what? Greed. We need to nationalize all healthcare now, and let the billionaires eat it.

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On the other hand it is a good excuse for us to Dine on the Rich, and then redistribute their wealth. This has been a badly needed remedy for about 50 years.

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The core of this problem in the US is that the oligarchs made bribery legal by passing their Citizens United legislation. This was a treasonous act, and the members of SCOTUS that voted for it, as well as the corrupt legislators that voted for it should be stood against a wall and be shot at dawn for a week. So now all of our "representatives" in government are purchased, bought and paid for, making our government the most corrupt government on the planet. So why are we outraged over being led to war? We let them do it, and did nothing. Time for the pitchforks and burning them out of their mansions.

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You're well out of date. There are now 419,941 confirmed cases in the US as of 8 Apr 20, up since yesterday by 19,411 and with 14,240 deaths. ( Not bad for a "fake" pandemic.

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There is a reason that those six US military bases in Colombia can't stop the cocaine trade, and that is that the CIA and other US government entities are involved. The CIA uses the ill gotten money to fund their "black ops" and that since the Vietnam least.

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Great article! This is what we get for allowing the oligarchs and "health care" parasites, including in particular the for profit "health" insurance industry - at who's feet we can lay the blame for the botched response to this virus. In the '50s and 60s when I was young, the US had a working public health system. No longer. Its now just a parasitic system with no real plan to respond to this pandemic. We don't even have enough medical equipment to protect the health workers. And as people get laid off so "businessmen" can maintain their wealth, the pandemic will be fed by this new reservoir of victims causing a medical disaster. We could have had medicare4all, and a coordinated response, but NO! Instead we get clueless Trump and bought and paid for Biden who are two sides of the same coin. This ought to be a call to action, but too many USers will just sit on their butts in front of the idiot tube and take it in the shorts for the health and well being of oligarchical wealth.

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Thanks to Tom for finding this article. It is a credit to this forum.

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Yes. This whole botched response by the US health care system (sic) really illustrates the crappy condition of our vulture capitalistic, for profit health care system (Wow, we're number... 37!! Woo hoo). We don't have enough equipment on hand to fight the disease, and are even begging Russia and China for help! With all the people being laid off now, they will lose even the inadequate care they have, and all for the benefit of the virus and the .1% parasites. That will prolong the emergency allowing more to die. The outcome would have been far better with medicare4all. But the fatcat parasites have a stranglehold on the whole nation. It's high time to pierce the corporate veil, and make the CEOs and owners financially liable. Otherwise, bring out the guillotines.