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"It remains to be seen whether there will be a deep, fundamental shift in attitudes to death and dying, concepts of death, the care of elderly and vulnerable people, and the goals and purposes of medicine."

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"The government launched a major recruitment drive last year to recruit 50,000 customs agents to help fill the additional 260 million customs forms a year as a result of Brexit."

Rather than argue for or against Brexit, how about someone - perhaps John Penrose himself - writes a CH article that provides a positive solution to this particular issue. Or are customs forms and customs agents a permanent feature of our trade with Europe and we will just have to learn to live with the additional red tape?

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The working class created what you call the "modern UK" in 1945.

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Of course the cladding companies are innocent before being found guilty by an article or an enquiry, but it does suggest that eventually the CPS may be able to pursue criminal charges.

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I wasn't intending my post to be particularly for or against lockdowns.

It was a comment on the unsoundness of self-selecting opinion surveys.

But hopefully, if the vaccines significantly reduce the number of hospitalisations, the vast majority will then support the removal of most if not all social restrictions.

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The YouGov poll is more reliable because it uses a sampling methodology and does not seek out those most motivated to vote.

Talk Radio survey respondents are self-selecting. Lockdown sceptics tend to be angry people who are more likely to respond (and may even have voted multiple times).

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"It works: 0 deaths, only 4 severe cases among 523,000 fully vaccinated Israelis."

Obviously there will be further studies and analysis, but at the moment this is good news for normal people. Let's hope it continues.

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Yes, keep the personal insults coming... It always brightens up the day.

Still not sure whether or not you have withdrawn your original assertion.

I assume you think there has been insufficient testing of vaccines and all the countries in the world that have approved vaccines are 'shockingly irresponsible'. What level of testing would satisfy you? Would the benefits of vaccines (but perhaps you deny there are any?) outweigh the risk of deploying early, as we have done?

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Do you still maintain that developing vaccines is 'shockingly irresponsible'? That is where you started and as far as I can see you have neither repeated nor retracted your initial argument.

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Yes, I have found comparable countries, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Unfortunately for you the comparisons totally refute your case.