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Just found out about this (lien and deadline) today from a letter in my mailbox dated 12/16 from the commissioners.
Yes, finding out on a Saturday that this will entail a lien, and that I lose my right to legally fight this unless I pay the full amount, $8k ... two days later on Monday ... Well I don't have $8k lying around ... so there goes my ability to fight this …

The contempt and incompetence of the commissioners on this issue is just mind-boggling ...

To add insult to injury, they have the nerve to add in said letter that "Boulder County has been working for more than four years with subdivision residents and property owners ...: Four years? Never heard from them about this until this year. And the commissioners never ever mentioned the fact that the "missing funds" were actually available but had been diverted.

Topping it off in that letter " ...we're also hearing from residents who agree that we need to move forward in fixing deteriorating roads in their neighborhood and who are familiar with and accept the creation of lids .... "

Is this the best they can do to shore up support? "Hearing" from people who accept the lid, when said people were never even told of other alternatives besides paying (tax deductible) or paying?

What I am getting back from my vote for them is insult.
Kudos to the people behind FIRM. They have a new supporter ...

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You got that right!
Some fell for the "tax deductible" sweetening ploy. Thank god not the majority.

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Dude, you are so off, it's not even funny.
Ever heard of taxation without representation? Look it up.


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RIP. So sad.
Part of he problem is that many northbound drivers are gunning it at that intersection, as there is not much time: On-coming drivers are typically going 55mph (well, make that 65mph) given the 55mph speed limit north getting into town.

Seems like a slightly lower speed limit, 45mph, say, would help.

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Many of responses so far seem to forget that multi-use paths are *not* "bike paths", and that cyclists do not "own" them nor have any kind of right of way. As such they re-inforce the point and problem expressed by Chris Newell.

Pedestrian have the right of way, earbud or no earbuds, walking in the middle or not, standing for a pause or checking out scenery or not. The comment comparing pedestrians standing in the middle of a multi-use path to a pedestrian standing in the middle of a road or street, and the ones blaming pedestrians for wearing an earbud and thus not in the position to hear a horn, are especially revealing ...

No doubt many cyclists would prefer dedicated bike paths where pedestrians are tolerated but do not have the right of way. (I've sometimes wished for that). But that's not how it is. If you want that changed you are going to have to change the existing law.

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Continued from first comment ... What's worse if that many, may g law enforcement individuals will go to extraordinary lengths to prevent loss of life. These cops' actions made a mockery of such behavior, and tarnished the reputation of the police as a whole. And it will certainly encourage (as has been said earlier in this thread) people to *not* call the cops ...

The "shoot first, ask questions later" is unprofessional and unethical, plain and simple. We deserve better than that. Those happy with this mentality are willing to put up with unnecessary deaths, be it those of a psychological unstable individual, or a perfectly innocent person being in the wrong place at the wrong time (e.g. cell phone mistaken for a gun, it has happened). I can't agree with this, even as I recognize that not following this principle does incur additional risk for law enforcement personnel. Again: if you are not willing to live with the inherent risk that comes with being a police officer, if the only thing you know is shooting to kill, stay out of law enforcement.

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Nauseating ...

"To serve and protect"? No serving, no protecting here.
These cops fired without thinking, not willing to take the slightest risk. Yes, there was a risk. There is *always* a non-zero risk. But if you can't handle it, stay out of law enforcement: No one forced you to apply for the job. You are armed, you have your police car as protection, you are many (if not, you can request backup and wait), you can shoot in a non lethal way. If you can't do that, go back to basic training. Or don't intervene, go hide until you are better prepared. Better yet, stay out of law enforcement, let better qualified people take your place. We the people are not paying you to shoot first, ask questions later.

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This is nauseating: Shoot first, ask questions later, sponsored and paid for by us taxpayers.

The cops who fired do not deserve to serve, these coward, badly trained amateurs should have been weeded out by the Broomfield PD. And this is assuming they did not know it was a toy gun, in which case badly managed communications resulted in a preventable death. (If the cops did know, then this is first degree murder plain and simple.).

Regardless, the head of the Broomfield PD should go, for running such a pathetic PD. And the cops/dispatch fully prosecuted. These guys give other professional law enforcement individuals, who do all they can to prevent loss of life, a bad name. These cops served no one, and protected no one. If the only thing you know how to do in a situation like this is shoot, you don’t belong. Go get another job. No one forced you to be a cop. Nauseating …

Sincere condolences to the family. I do hope they sue, if for no other reason than to wake us all up and force us to do whatever it takes to prevent this kind of tragedy in the future. _Rant_off.

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> BoulderBill: The "no brainer" is 90 degrees is not life threatening, not in a car, not on a train, not in a tree, not even in a box.

This is absolutely correct. I hope that ticket gets contested …

> CJAppelwood: “Just be careful, I was accosted by a crazed dogooder - 65 degrees, overcast, 2 windows down, extended cab windows open, window to the shell of the truck opened, windows open in the shell. She was very confrontational. She called the police and then became even more pi$$ed when animal control wouldn't come out and write me a ticket. LOL Uhh, maybe because it is 65 degrees and overcast? “

Seems like there’s a high concentration of this type writing comments here … Typically also of the “you should leave this town” too if confronted and disagreeing …. Way to go …