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Needs more cowbell

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Agreed. Ian + Adam have created something truly unique - I too was amazed when I saw Sphero last summer at Demo/Investor Day. Paul's a fantastic addition + based upon my conversations w/ him at both Defrag + Bur, this team is just *beginning*.

[insert obligatory balls joke here]

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Great approach.

Both my boys learned to ride pretty easily using the classic approach in our cul-de-sac, & in fact both were on motorcycles almost as quickly at 4 & 5 yrs old. The youngest one used training wheels on his motorcycle the first season, btw - training wheels are awesome.

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and your tweet abt brill cream a while back now makes sense

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It delights me to see this announced.

I've had the pleasure of getting to know both Eric & Paul over the past few years & this is simply a very public manifestation of the type of work they do every day. This will undoubtedly positively impact those entrepreneurs that attend Defrag via these scholarships - who knows what they'll do w/ the connections they make here?

Bravo, Eric & Paul.

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Excellent news; very pleased to hear. You recall me warning you (in my very best stern voice, hey) the other night about the Vicodin. Glad to hear it [may have] got you over the hump.

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This looks pretty interesting, though my perspective & point of interest may be quite different.

I have a very specific idea in mind, Brad/Keith. I'll email Brad to share the idea (which I don't want to do right here).

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Just ask Brad - he'll likely have the best insight into how to make this go smoothly for you, since he had to deal w/ all the same office-related infrastructure issues.

I switched 5 years ago - here's my story:

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Sounds like something different.

I lost messages that never arrived. I was able to send mail from a server I control, watch it leave, get accepted for delivery, change local status to 'sent' and then... nothing ever show up on the Gmail side.

This happened to ~10 messages that I knew to look for, but have no idea how many times it happened to messages I wasn't expecting. I was able to duplicate the results of the above test several times one morning.

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Interesting point "...resulting in [..] outright deletion because of its design."

What's your source for this? I quit using Gmail a while back after one too many messages simply vanished. I used IMAP & had a massive folder / label structure, but never found any smoking gun for the message loss.