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FitLinxx has some products which solve the Scale to PC/Server issue wirelessly <a href="" target="_blank">
They also have a pedometer/accelerometer which also wirelessly connects to a PC via USB. The technology for the pedometer is the same technology used by Nike for the Plus One product, as FitLinxx acquired FitSense, the company from which Nike licensed the +1 technology. Products don't yet seem to be web services or developer friendly, although they may have made progress in that area. Not having been in touch with the company for over a year, I am not sure where they are with that. But FitLinxx/FitSense is a company which has been working for a while on making connections between data and fitness.

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Makes sense to allow potential customers determine how they want to pay you. A big part of that is making sure the sales people have the proper pricing and contracting tools at their disposal so they can quote quickly and easily, regardless of what pricing model a potential customer chooses. Also need to make sure that sales compensation plans are set so that the sales people are economically indifferent to which pricing model a customer chooses.

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Dan, thanks for this post. very helpful reminders about the power and pitfalls of an MRR business

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Some things you can't make up.....

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"Do, or do not. There is no try." ... Yoda

As my son and daughter begin a new little league season I am glad to be reminded of this advice I have been known to give them as a coach, which of course contradicts the phrase I also use "Just do your best and have fun."

As long as I am quoting Yoda I have my son's attention...One of the key challenges as a parent/coach and I think as an investor or manager is knowing when to use each of thes e contradictory phrases.