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Ann, thanks for reaching out. We're all blessed to have known Pete and shared life with him.

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Thanks for the preview, Cam. I'd heard about this, but hadn't really looked into it much. Maybe it's just me, but I like being able to bend the pages back, see the stress marks in the spine, dog-ear pages, highlight and take notes. While Kindle gives me ease of access I don't like the tangible nature of having a book in my hands. I'm sure people said the same thing about reading newspapers on the internet, but reading a book is a much more timely process than just reading headlines.

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Drew, Jim and Lisa - thank you all for such kind words. This past week our group of friends has been getting together to talk about all of our memories of Pete and last night I just did a free flow of every memory I had of him. God's been faithful in providing comfort to all of us.

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Totally agree here, Cam. It seems that usability often gets a bad rap for putting restrictions on a concept. But, as you've pointed out, usability only makes the concept better and allows more people to experience the art that someone has created for them to enjoy.

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@Ryan Thanks for the heads up for Thursday...I really want to see it again, so maybe I can get in! Have you seen it yet?