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Is this any surprise from a guy who can call a woman a mashed up bag of meat with lipstick, or suggest that someone take Hillary Clinton into a room, and only the someone comes back out?

Par for the course.

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I have 3 words for Gisele...

Lingerie Football League

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"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win" - M Gandhi.

You're already on step #3. Keep fighting the good fight.

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Yeah. Sure. A spur of the moment decision...that he pre-announced on his twitter feed before the taping.

Hank Williams disses Obama? Fired.
Russian newsreader flips bird at Obama? Fired.

Your move NBC.

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A good start. But the foul was committed on air, and must be addressed there. Although he probably does have more twitter followers than actual viewers.

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There are days when I say one term is one too many. I even have names for them. I call them Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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So after the game a homeless guy outside the arena asked Lebron for a dollar. Lebron could only give him 75 cents because he couldn't find the 4th quarter.

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There's a reason that both the Liberals and the Conservatives have backed away from the court challenge that would be needed to annul her election. I'd say they both (correctly) believe that leaving her there will do more damage to the NDP than taking any action to get rid of her.

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Further to this...some thoughts on negative advertising from Tony Blair, also clipped from Wells' piece that Coyne linked to. Keep in mind that in an interview when he first became PM, Harper indicated Blair as the world leader who at the time most impressed him.

The Conservative staffer’s laudable effort to specify the precise nature of this sustained assault on the character of a national party leader brought to mind a passage from former British prime minister Tony Blair’s 2010 memoir, A Journey. Blair explains how he did away with a succession of Tory opponents.

“So I defined [John] Major as weak; [William] Hague as better at jokes than judgment; [Michael] Howard as an opportunist; [David] Cameron as a flip-flop, not knowing where he wanted to go,” Blair writes.

“Expressed like that, these attacks seem flat, rather mundane almost, and not exactly inspiring—but that’s their appeal. Any one of those charges, if it comes to be believed, is actually fatal. Yes, it’s not like calling your opponent a liar, or a fraud, or a villain, or a hypocrite, but the middle-ground-floating voter kind of shrugs their shoulders at those claims. They don’t chime. They’re too over the top, too heavy, and they represent an insult, not an argument. Whereas the lesser charge, because it’s more accurate and precisely because it’s more low-key, can stick. And if it does, that’s that. Because in each case, it means they’re not a good leader. So game over.”