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I agree the attacks are coming from the "ELITES" dare us under educated worker serfs challenge all they have worked for..We do not know what is good for us they do..It is a direct threat to their power..They have divided us into to groups to pit us against each other....And do you think for a moment that the rich politicians with their class warfare are not writing themselves and their buddies loop holes in the law...Look at the health care law...wrote themselves out of it..Its time for all Americans to wake up and run these corrupt pos out of town...
1) Term limits
2)Do not let them vote themselves in a pay raise or benefits
3)Take as much as a french fry from a special interest group and make it a felony...Jail for these scum

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like wld said

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No really ....who would of thunk

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The bad thing is the Left are proud of the fact........More people taking from the government means more power for up if you want government cheese then eat the cheese we tell you to no salt enviro friendly no color union made stinking sub-standard cheese

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Goes to show if you don't toe the lefty line ...then its to the back of the bus boy......The left are racist and bigots

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Ahh the have freedom of speech until you disagree with them

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Ummm now thats weird ..Everyone knows your rights come from Government..the all knowing all seeing third eye

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And we care what hollywood meatheads say because of why again

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I love it hire Non-Union people so the Unions do not have to pay Union wages and bennies.....Jerks

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I live in the Burbs of Atlanta and "Old Roy Boy" is as corrupt as it gets....He will loose big time