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Has anybody reading here noticed that nearly ALL of South and Central America is socialist?

It's not like there's some vast conspiracy to hide the pervasive socialism of Latin America.

It would be far more surprising if the outlook of the Hispanic media was NOT socialist as well.

Guess why the democrats want to import as many people as they can from that part of the world.

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"... a depiction, ... might have the emotional force ..."

1) Gross obvious subjectivism
2) Gross obvious favoritism for the mohammedan believer over the Christian believer.

To hell with the treasonous fool.

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Occupy Oakland = Nazi bastards

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Obama Says His Apology “Calmed Things Down” in Afghanistan
Obama says whatever he thinks will get him what he wants.

Obama talks crap constantly.

Buck Ofama!

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1) So far as I'm concerned, Mormons are fine.

2) I've never yet met a leftist that didn't exhibit some tribal hostility toward some group.

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We've lost a terrific man.

My sympathies go out to his family and colleagues.

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Everyone has overlooked the obvious ... as usual.

The "Occupy" madness had one purpose, and has been phenomenally successful with respect to that.

The purpose of the "Occupy" crap was and is to take attention and energy away from the Tea Party demonstrations.

It has worked like a charm, from every possible angle.


The LAST thing the Obama group wants is mass demonstrations of decent normal people out in the street protesting his presidency as the election approaches. That just CAN'T work for him.

So they unleashed the "Occupy" animals who have basically sucked all the air out of the room.

They get the airtime. They get the print space. The repel people who might consider going to a Tea Party rally, but who can't stand the idea of being compared to the "Occupy" animals or doing anything vaguely comparable.

Unfortunately the good guys don't always win.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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In Re Tea Partiers: It's good when your enemies underestimate you.

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LESSON 1: The moral of the story is that violence and intimidation works.



Piss off a Christian Englishman and nothing happens.
Piss of a Mohammedan woman and she walks all over your face till you grovel and beg.

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Poland, Czechoslovakia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Israel, Lebanon. Countries along our civilization's border.

Obama throws them all under various busses. Paul would do the same in a heartbeat.

Not surprising, nor is it news, that he has Jew haters in his fan club.