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Having faith in Obama was your first mistake!

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If the system worked we wouldn't have to house and feed him for 30 years. We'd just have to have his body cremated.

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Heck with the island and letting them build one. There's plenty room at the bottom of the ocean!

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Thumbs up for having uncle Teddy as your avatar.

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46% of all marriages end in divorce. Gay people want to get married, and I say welcome to the club... Misery loves company!

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Do you actually watch the news? Iowa City isn't exactly Eutopia.

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What our country needs to do is completely overhaul our educational system. We should employ a tracking system like the countries who are "beating" us in math and science and stop trying to educate every child in the same manner.

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A million bucks to rent a cameras for 7 months?

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Is everyone with a differing opinion is ignorant? I do not believe that people are born gay, straight, bisexual etc. I do believe that people may be born with certain predispositions. However, I do not believe that you can totally ignore the impact of one's environment. There are plenty of twins studies, both identical and fraternal, that indicate that heredity and the environment both play a factor in influencing one's sexuality. I am 100% in favor of same sex marriage, and I voted against ousting the three judges. I do appreciate your attempt to "educate" me, but I think it's a little misguided.

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Was someone who "experimented" in college born that way?