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To be fair, Ms Sturgeon is just continuing the addicted behavioural trait of emoting in public that was established by Tony Blair.

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Whether insiders (politicians and their acolytes) understand it or not (many apparently don’t) the world confronts a monumental tradeoff. It’s not merely a hellish Sophie’s Choice - it’s one of history’s most horrible dilemmas – and definitely its most audacious mass social, economic and financial experiment. In this experiment, insiders are the mad scientists wearing the white coats, and outsiders are the laboratory rats. The cruel choice pits a potentially large number of (mostly older) people’s lives against a certainly much bigger number of (mostly younger) people’s livelihoods.

What’s now ‘non-essential’— discretionary retail, hospitality, tourism, etc. — had hitherto been major industries and indispensable sources of income for millions of people of modest means. Hence some will receive the choice’s benefits; others will bear its costs. Insiders have caricatured this predicament as a choice between lives and money (and have pilloried critics of lockdowns as worshippers of lucre who are indifferent to others lives), but in reality it’s a choice between lives today and lives in the future.

Unfortunately, insiders possess neither abstract theoretical knowledge nor concrete local information (quantifiable and tacit). Not surprisingly, their mantra – ‘lockdowns save lives!’– reflects their own self-interest, which they conveniently conflate with what they call the “public interest” and the ‘national interest.’

Insiders extol the alleged benefits of widespread and draconian lockdowns. They take it for granted that these measures will prevent or retard the spread of COVID-19, crimp the incidence of infection and thus reduce the number of deaths.

Insiders haven’t merely asserted without evidence that lockdowns are beneficial; they’ve also discounted or denied their costs – that is, the economic, financial, mental health and other consequences of throwing people out of work, cancelling or delaying elective medical treatments and surgeries, interrupting childrens’ schooling, forbidding public meetings, worship, etc. The objective of policy shouldn't be to minimise the number of deaths attributable to COVID-19; it should be to minimise deaths from all causes. This is because a reduction of risk of death from COVID-19 necessarily increases the risk of death from other causes.

Richard Sullivan, a professor of cancer and global health at King’s College, London, provides one of many examples: ‘The number of deaths due to the disruption of cancer services is likely to outweigh the number of deaths from coronavirus over the next five years. Screening services have stopped, which means we’ll miss our chance to catch many cancers’.

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I agree with your sentiments, but physicians/clinicians are just small cogs in a very large, centrally directed mincing machine. Physicians can and do howl in protest at the nonsensical directives from above, but they are powerless to stop them as the directives are directed and enforced by an army of managers backed by regulations and legislation from politicians. Most directives and regulations are well meaning but ultimately driven by short term political goals and not the long term ‘greater good’.

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Only three information pieces were required to make good decisions when discharging patients to care homes. 1. The virus is highly infectious. 2. Many hospitals were ‘hot spots’. 3. Some people are asymptomatic.

All three were known at the time.

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No kidding, to bring it imore into line with the south. Even Derek Mackay (the disgraced SNP former treasurer) could tell you corporate tax rate differentials in the same trade area do not work well

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Can ‘she’. She is indeed the messiah.

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The SNP were the government, so that's where the buck stops. Many clinicians voiced strong concerns over what happened, but those concerns fell on deaf political ears. The hospitals sat largely emply and still do. The truth will come out in time.

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Leewe4671 can’t think for himself or answer questions. He/she is just a simple SNP acolyte and mouthpiece

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It was known early on many are asymptomatic and that hospitals were spread centres. Despite what the SNP spin masters say, this is what happened. I know because my spouse was a doctor on the front line, dealing with the political panicked drive to clear the hospitals. Nobody on conservativehome is interested in your SNP propaganda. They just want facts.

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Northern Ireland was to bring it into line with the south for reasons that are obvious to anybody with mental faculties.