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You know, I have never posted anything nasty, derogatory, or anything like it and yet, a few of my posts have been denied by the moderator here. I would really like to know why since freedom of speech is important to us all. I am not angry with anyone but, please make me understand why when I express my opinion, it must be moderated by someone who I don't even know who will either edit or just delete my post. This is a bit worrying to me on a blog site that claims to be pro free speech. I DO NOT engage in hate speech or anything like it and never will. Regardless of this, I will still hang here and post as I see fit. Just remember that someone is ALWAYS watching.

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Another "reform" eh? Sounds like someone doesn't have the gonads to Nationalize healthcare! I knew it! I knew we couldn't afford it! They know it too. The amount of money that would have to be printed / borrowed / stolen in taxes, is insurmountable and they know it. We will continue down the same road as before but they will most likely rename a few things and call it reform. Kind of like the economy ... they are not getting rid of what caused these problems in the first place. They are bailing out a failed system of Socialism / Capitalism in order to keep it working. This is the vote getting machine. I believe that with all that money that was printed making it's way into the economy will cause inflation like we haven't seen since the late 70s. If they don't control it or try to fight it off, we will have no choice but to go through an inflationary recession just in time for the next election. Convenient? Maybe.

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Smoke and mirrors.

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I understand the point that this story is making but, this is really unimportant in the grand scheme of things unless this will convince her constituents to vote her out. I doubt that this will have that effect. There are people in San Francrackhead that would love to see Conservatives burned at the stake for any reason. As long as the Botox Bimbo can keep them happy, she will get support and ultimately get re-elected. They don't care what she knew or when she knew it just as long as she hates Conservative minded people they love her. Sickening!

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What would Reagan do? He cut taxes and got government out of our way. It worked last time and it would work again if it were tried. Anyone who thinks that creating more debt will magically make the economy recover should hit themselves in the head with a hammer.

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Right on Right on!

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Couldn't agree more. Nixon tried price and wage controls and it created the Stagflation that Jimmy Carter doubled down on.

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Gee...what a surprise.

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This is news? This is just more tripe from the sycophantic, idol worshiping, fascist news media. *** BREAKING NEWS ALERT *** - President Obama has just finished his morning bowel movement ... and the bathroom doesn't stink!! - WE NOW RETURN TO YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAMMING.

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It is now very easy to see where our President lies on this issue. Apparently he supports Hamas and what they are doing to Israel. He talks of making peace with Palestine through Israel making concessions and giving up land to the Palestinians. I have no problem with that part of it. The problem I see is that Hamas will not stop attacking Israel no matter what happens. As long as Israel exists, Hamas will hate them, try to destroy them and so will the rest of the middle east. So, Obama's stance is nothing more than a pander-fest for he left in this country. No president has been able to make peace over there and never will.