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The debate that has raged among my friends and I for the last year: Which was more Chekov's gun-y? Chekov's rocket launcher, or Chekov's taser?

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Nabgure betl JNF zber vzcbegnag!

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I was just listening to him today in The Addams Family and laughing because it's Whispers, singing about learning to love in the arms of a two ton cephalopod. I almost can't take Whispers seriously because of it.

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Difficult to hear indeed! Ugh, Pulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaski!!!!!! At least she's sometimes fresh to death.

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I find this episode very SNORE, but one thing I did want to say about Tom Paris: I laughed as Mark kept saying that Tom had weird ideas of fun. Yes. I'm not a fan of his holodeck locations BUT, as I was thinking about it, the French bar, the step up to the Captain Proton world, and the arguable step up that is this Irish village, Tom is WELL-versed in putting together this stuff. I realized while watching this that I might even venture to call him a genius. I don't know what out-of-the-box tools a regular holodeck comes with, but we always hear about the time Tom has spent building these places. Additionally, he's a marvelous pilot apparently, and an adept mechanic and engineer. And reverse-engineer in some episodes. And once the writers finally let go of him being a lothario just for the sake of it, he's a pretty emotionally mature and patient person, in a sweet and stable relationship.

And I think Robby Mcneill does a great job of portraying all those things about Tom in a subtle way, until the writers turn out something that just underlines another of his weirdnesses so strongly that we forget about all his other capabilities because of the need to address how weird that one thing is. But overall, Tom's super smart, and very kind.

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Anything can happen on Halloween. Your dog could turn into your cat!

Has anybody seen my tambourine...?

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When I first watched this episode Holly Blue Agate's voice rung a very faint bell, but I was too engrossed in the story to listen more carefully. I was super excited to watch it a second time through after I found out she was voiced by the incomparable Christine Pedi, who was involved for many years in the fun Forbidden Broadway shows, and developed a very flexible voice and wide range of impersonations. One of my favorite all-time youtube videos is of her performing with the voices of many other famous Broadway ladies. Hooray that she's part of the Steven Universe universe now too!

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I like this episode because it's tense and the acting is stellar, and Janeway is awesome and one step ahead, but I'm also predisposed to like any episode of anything that Mark Harelik is in, because he spat on me once, in 2005, from the stage where he was singing, and I was just past the orchestra, and I was impressed by how far he could expectorate while projecting.

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As bad as it might be to not believe, but trick everyone into following you just because you need attention, I think it's even worse to believe, sincerely, and STILL get people to follow you, (because you need attention). *sigh* Ex-Mormon here who is generally happy, but still has some periods of deep anger and resentment for the twenty years he spent going to church with some demonstrably bad people, who beLIEVEd everything they were performing, at church and in their homes.

Episodes of things dealing with cults/religions where people are putting all their faith into one person are both fascinating to me, and intensely uncomfortable, because I just want to start screaming. I'd read about this particular episode before, but never seen it, so I was impressed with how angry it made me, and how much Dukat reminded me of some of my own church teachers from back in the day. Not to a murder-suicide extent, but in a really... unctuous-while-explaining-how-close-to-God-they-are way.