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14 years ago @ BeDeviant.com - Women, Divorce and Gays · 0 replies · +1 points

Honestly....I get tired of people picking and choosing who to ordain based on their lives...I have no problem ordaining any of the three above mentioned...however we call find scripture and proof text it to make it work in our favor to not ordain any of the above three.

We can also say its a sin to ordain someone who once played football and is unrepentant...because they touched pigskin and are now unclean.

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1968, although I would say within the last 100 years, instead of 1000.

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Barbecue Joe's...Archdale/High Point, NC...Cheap amazing delicious Yum.

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Well, I think churches need to focus on an atmosphere of community if their goal is community, and an atmosphere of performance if their goal is performance, etc. for missions, evangelism, etc. Its the same with a coffee shop...do you want good coffee with a McDonald's feel or a good place to sit and chat with mediocre coffee, because quite often you can't have both...and bless you if you find it.

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She is very emergent Christianity, but at the same time knows her history. She came into Christian writing from the critic/publisher side, and researched how Christianity is shaped by culture and how culture is shaped by Christianity, and how the world now is in the midst of a paradigm shift of emergent Christianity.

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Its the same thing with churches, Bible studies, small groups, conferences, etc. I would rather attend a church, conference, etc. that has a personal touch to it, than a big box conference or big white room with some chairs small group.

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Some Celtic Music Cassette that my car stereo ate.

15 years ago @ BeDeviant.com - What Are You Reading? · 2 replies · +1 points

Just Finished..."The Great Emergence" by Phyllis Tickle, great thoughts on history of the church and what is happening now.

Currently Reading...Marcus Borg, "Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time," and Tom Stella "A Faith Worth Believing"

Excited to Read...The Works of Aristotle and "No More Shacks" by Millard Fuller, the founder of Habitat for Humanity.

15 years ago @ BeDeviant.com - Are You Gonna Go My Way? · 1 reply · +1 points

I'm snagging this for a Palm Sunday lesson, or otherwise. Thanks, I forgot about this song!

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Yeah..some props from discount stores, some colored christmas lights, and strategically placed candles and other items, alters visual imagery each week...I am starting this with my youth group just by hitting consignment sales, discount thrift stores, and people wanting their attics cleaned out.